Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fusion Applications - What You Need To Know: Product Families

Fusion Applications are organized into seven groups of related products called Product Families. While the product features are organized according to the Business Process Model and can cross the boundaries of product families, the product family groupings are an easy way to wrap your mind around Fusion Apps. So, without further verbal hooey from me, here are the product families and the applications in each family:

Project Portfolio Management
Project Costing
Project Billing
Project Contracts
Project Control
Project Performance Reporting
Project Integration Gateway (very cool integration with Primavera)
A set of integrated reports and analytics

The integration with Primavera and MS Project is pretty impressive. And you'll find your project managers in their "happy place" when they see Project Performance Reporting.

Financial Management
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Asset Management
Payments and Collections
Cash and Expense Management

The really, really impressive element here is the integration with Hyperion - the analysis tools are very powerful.

Human Capital Management
Human Resources
Global Payroll
Workforce Service Delivery
Workforce Management
Talent Management

The very best part of HCM, in my humble opinion, is that the embedded analytics eliminate the line between transactional data and business intelligence.

Supply Chain Management
Product Information Management
Asset Management
Global Order Processing
Cost Management
Distributed Order Orchestration
Logistics (which includes Shipping, Receiving and Inventory)

It's important to note that Fusion Apps version 1.0 does not include full manufacturing functionality (MRP, WIP, Work In Progress, and all that stuff).

Self-Service Procurement
Procurement Contracts
Supplier Portal
Supplier Model

Also includes some nifty spend analysis reporting and performance management.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Master
Incentive Compensation (really more of a complimentary product hosted in CRM)

Much of this product family, along with some of the Procurement product family, is built around the Trading Community Architecture (TCA - new and improved from the EBS R12 version, but more on that in a later post).

Governance, Risk and Compliance
Financial Compliance
IT Risk and Compliance
Issue Manager
Risk Manager
Access Controls
Transaction Controls
Configuration Controls

While GRC is very strong in terms of corporate governance and risk management, it is a bit of an odd duck in that the latest release is not built on Fusion Middleware like the rest of Fusion Apps. Hopefully, this will be resolved in a later release.

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frank scavo said...

I think you nean project portfolio managment, not product portfolio mgmt, right?

fteter said...

@Frank: Yes I do. Thanks for the catch. Fixed.

John Stouffer said...


As usual, great information! Keep it coming about the Fusion Applications.


David Haimes said...

In Financials, we prefer the terms embedded Hyperion technologies. Integration would give the impression that we bolt it on as an afterthought, but the Hyperion technology is just another part of the middleware we build some awesome features.

I guess I should write my own blog post if I want to get picky about the terms other people use... just been so busy building this stuff I haven't had time.