Monday, December 26, 2011

Fusion Applications - A Gift On Boxing Day!

It's the evening of Boxing Day, so it seems appropriate to give the gift of a little Fusion Applications tip...

When using Functional Setup Manager, users can import setup lists in an HTML, PDF, or Excel format. The Excel export is actually an XML file. Those of us who have been around long enough know that the Microsoft Excel product development team has a love/hate relationship with XML; sometimes Excel can import XML files and sometimes it can't, depending on the version and the patch level. At the moment, we're in a "hate XML" phase with the later versions and patch set levels in Excel.

So the upshot is that you may attempt to export in an Excel file format from FSM and Excel won't be able to read the file. If you hit this little speed bump, the trick is to open that exported XML file in Microsoft Word. It will read the XML file just fine - the result will be a table in MS Word. And from the table in MS Word, you can copy it over to Excel. Issue resolved; game, set, match.

Happy Boxing Day!

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