Monday, August 14, 2006

Impressed by a Unitask Demo

I sit through quite a few product demos and I'm pretty disappointed most of the time. In fact, I've really become pretty cynical about the whole demo concept. It's a rare occurrence when I'm impressed by demo. So the fact that I recently had my socks knocked off by a Unitask demo is no small admission.

Unitask is a company that makes bolt-on utility applications for the Oracle E-Business Suite. Their core mission is improving the E-Business ownership experience. The utilities, which can be used either as an integrated tool suite or as individual products, are simple but elegant solutions. In a nutshell, their aim is to make the E-Business Suite better.

Most of the utilities are based on common sense. Although I would never have developed similar solutions on my own, I found myself wondering more than once during the demo why a particular utility was not part of the original E-Business suite. For example, their Communication Manager's capability to IM through the E-Business Suite user interface (no more taking down a development server for maintenance and hoping that everyone reads their email in time) made me wonder why this feature wasn't original E-Business Suite functionality.

Rather than appear to be a shill for Unitask, I'm not going to walk through all their applications in this post, (for those who are already wondering, I have no stake in the company nor do I receive any consideration whatsoever for mentioning Unitask). I simply believe that when anyone discovers good products with value, the news should be shared. I saw their stuff, I was impressed, and now I'm sharing. You can learn more about Unitask here.

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