Monday, April 16, 2007

Postcard From The Edge...Of Collaborate 07 - Sunday

I thought it might be nice to post some brief information and impressions on Collaborate 07 as they happen. Kind of a "spur of the moment" flurry of thoughts. So, in the words of Hannibal Lector, "okey dokey, here we go..."

I pulled into Las Vegas Sunday around noon. Collaborate was pretty quiet on Sunday. The SIG meetings I attended were pretty quiet other than hearing the somewhat unsettling news that there will be no migration path for custom workflow designs into the BPEL environment. And there was that dinner Sunday night with some OAUG folks and the user group from Japan...definitely a very lively bunch.

Lots of folks were late coming in from the eastern U.S. due to the big Noreaster back there. Things should gear up tomorrow.

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