Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Postcard From The Edge...Of Collaborate 07 - Tuesday

Ever have one of those days where everything seems to go well? For me, today was one of those days. They are rare, so I've learned to savor them when they come along. I had the opportunity to run into many old friends today, and to make some new friends as well. As I write this, I'm still savoring...

Some of the more noteworthy events to take place during this great day:
  • Someone made the statement today that E-Business Release 12 is really just "11.5.11". Just in case anyone reading might be thinking the same thing, please let me assure that Release 12 is not just another E-Business "dot release." The biggest change involves the middleware. Release 12 runs on Fusion Middleware, specifically the 10g Application Server. Release 11.5.10, although it includes some Fusion middleware components, runs on iAS The change in middleware alone constitutes a significant set of changes. Release 12 is definitely not just another dot release.
  • I also heard a statement that Fusion Applications will just be a combination of the best functionality from E-Business, PeopleSoft, JDE, and Siebel. Although Oracle has learned quite a bit from the various apps product lines, and that learning will be applied to the Fusion Apps, I can tell you that this is not the case now that I've seen some very preliminary indications of the functionality to be included in the first release of Fusion Applications. On the other hand, it does look as though the business processes included in the Integration Application Architecture may include the best from Oracle's various apps product lines.
  • Although it's not been stated explicitly, there seems an underlying assumption that users of the latest apps versions (at least the E-Business, PeopleSoft, and JDE users) are on some type of RAC or Grid infrastructure. If you're not already exploring RAC and Grid, you may want to start soon.
  • It's become very clear that the newly-announced Applications Integration Architecture does not make Fusion Applications irrelevant, but it does offer another set of choices to Oracle customers. The challenge for Oracle Applications customers is rapidly becoming one of understanding the wide array of available choices and paths.
  • The OAUG Customer Support Council is developing a theme of "The Power of Support", with a strong emphasis on the value of proactive support. You'll hear quite a bit on this subject in the coming months, beginning with the Customer Support Council panel session tomorrow. If you're with us in Las Vegas, may I reiterate my recommendation for this session? The CSC Panel takes place from 11 a.m until noon in Breakers F. If you are unable to join us here, I'll post the highlights from the session shortly after the conference concludes.
  • Around noon, I found myself in a video interview with the team that puts together the Oracle AppCasts. They're an amazing group of people. If you're ever offered the chance to do a podcast or video endorsement, don't pass it up. Just meeting these people makes it a great experience.
  • If you ever get to Las Vegas, the view from the iMix Lounge at the top of TheHOTEL is breathtaking. Make it a point to experience the view if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood.
This is developing into a great conference - can't wait for tomorrow!

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