Thursday, July 05, 2007

An Oracle Support Blog

My recent comments on Oracle Support generated quite a bit of energy with readers of this blog, so I thought you all would be interested in a blog dedicated to the subject. Chris Warticki, a Sr. Customer Support Manager with Oracle, moderates an Oracle Support blog here.

Chris and I talked about Oracle Support's desire for more user feedback over dinner together during last year's Oracle OpenWorld. He and most of the Oracle Support folks are looking for constructive criticism, regardless of whether it's good news or bad news, so that they can identify areas that need improvement. Chris' blog is, in part, an attempt to collect some of that constructive criticism.

I encourage you all to read Chris' blog and share your perspectives with him.

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cwart said...

Thanks for the recognition on my SupportBlog. FYI, please see a recent posting on SearchOracle -

Post your personal comments and experiences with Support.

Your information is great, keep it coming!
-Chris Warticki, Sr. Customer Support Manager