Monday, August 13, 2007

The Applications Server Layer

In talking about the Application Server layer of the architecture, we're really talking about the components that support running the enteprise applications. Much in the same way that the apps server shipping with R12 is not really the full-featured Fusion Middleware server, the portion of the apps server we're discussing here consists only of those components needed to support the enterprise applications themselves. The additional features will be covered in future roadmap-related posts.

The initiatives needed to support JPL's migration in this area really emphasize sunsetting Oracle E-Business technology components and their replacements:
  • Oracle Reports -> XML or BI Publisher
  • Oracle Workflow -> BPEL Orchestration
  • Portal -> Oracle Web Center
  • Servlet Engine -> OC4J
  • Jinitiator -> Native Sun J2SE 1.5 (5.0) Plug-In (this is really not an apps server issue, but it's so closely related to the apps server that I thought it deserved consideration here)
NEXT UP: The Applications Layer

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