Monday, August 27, 2007

The Unified Data Access Layer

My thoughts on the Unified Data Access layer are fairly brief, not because it's a subject without much depth, but because I don't feel like an expert in the fields of security and data access. With that being said, the vision I personally have is the idea of a single site for securely accessing all available Oracle applications and data (including any custom apps). The following four initiatives are critical for us at JPL.

My shop is currently working an initiative to implement Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in the E-Business environment. Our consideration moving forward will be how well TDE integrates with Fusion architecture.

Oracle Single Sign-On and Oracle Internet Directory are two closely-related products, both of which are important integration points between the Oracle Applications Server and the 11i E-Business Suite. At JPL, we'll probably be relying on the functionality of both these products as we incrementally move to Fusion architecture. It will be important for us to know how well both these products work with Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications.

Finally, the presentation framework for the user interface will be Web Center. So, just as I pointed out in the earlier post on the BI and Reporting layer, learning the intricacies of Web Center will be important to us.

NEXT UP: The Development Layer

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