Monday, September 10, 2007

The Lifecycle Management Layer

So, here we go now with (hold down the applause) the last layer of the Roadmap! Yup, we've finally worked our way through to the Lifecycle Management layer.

The scope of the Lifecycle Management layer is pretty significant. It includes operational components to keep your Fusion environment running in top shape, such as Performance Management, Business Activity Monitoring, the Oracle Applications Manager and the Configuration Support Manager. It also includes other components such as the Implementation Workbench. In my own shop, we'll also need to consider our plan for moving to some type of distributed computing structure (RAC, Grid, etc.). We also have some aging Sun big iron that will need replacing. In short, there's a lot here. Open up the jpeg and take a look for yourself - quite a few tasks dealing with several highly complex issues. Rather than go through them all here, just take take away this single point: please don't ignore or neglect this area when planning your own path to Fusion Applications.

NEXT UP: Some Final Thoughts On The Roadmap

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