Friday, September 28, 2007

OOW 07 - Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?

Did you ever have to make up your mind
Pick up on one and leave the other behind
It's not often easy and not often kind
Did you ever have to make up your mind

Did you ever have to finally decide
Say yes to one and let the other one ride
There's so many changes and tears you must hide
Did you ever have to finally decide

--From "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind" by The Lovin’ Spoonful

This tune describes my feelings about the sessions offered at Oracle OpenWorld 2007. There are many more interesting sessions then available time slots, so I suspect those of us attending will have to make some pretty choices.

It’s pretty obvious that OOW 07 will have a strong emphasis on migrating to Fusion Middleware; there are about 140 sessions offered on various aspects of Fusion, mostly involving Fusion Middleware or Fusion Middleware components. If you want to learn the latest on Fusion Middleware, this is your conference. Even so, there are also some interesting sessions on Oracle Support and other subjects.

So I’ve made my first pass through the session offerings and picked a few that stand out to me. Your take could be different, but then I suppose you could put your picks up on your own blog... Some sessions look good to me because of the subject matter. Others look good because of the speaker. Then, of course, all the sessions I’ve giving, co-hosting, or ghost-writing will be absolutely brilliant and talked about as the high points of the conference for years to least by me (guess I can be pretty narcissistic sometimes).

Sessions I’ll be directly presenting or co-hosting are:
  • OAUG Fusion Council Panel, John Stouffer (and Floyd Teter), Sunday 11/11/2007, 1:30-2:30, Moscone West 3006 L3, Session S292864; this will be a panel discussion on Fusion Applications and Fusion Middleware, with some very special guests seated on the panel.
  • Case Study: A Road Map To Oracle Fusion Applications, Floyd Teter, Thursday 11/15/2007, 1:00-2:00, Moscone West 2002 L2, S290983; I’ll be laying out the Jet Propulsion Lab’s detailed plan for migrating from the E-Business Suite to Fusion Applications. Don’t think I’ll exactly fill the room on Thursday afternoon, so stop by if you’re still in town for a pretty informal chat to getting to Fusion Apps.
Other sessions that look really interesting to me include:

Fusion-Related Sessions
  • S290724, What Oracle E-Business Suite Customers Can Do with Oracle Fusion Middleware Today: Nadia Bendjedou, Oracle; Markus Zirn, Oracle
  • S291896, Building Composite Applications, Using Oracle WebCenter: Guneet Bedi, Oracle; Peter Moskovits, Oracle
  • S292062, Oracle Unveils Its Master Data Management Suite: The Most Complete MDM Offering on the Market Today: Pascal Laik, Oracle; Christina Bowe, Oracle; Nils B. Decrop, Arhis
  • S292502, Architecture: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Advantages and Deep Dive: Rao Adivikolanu, Oracle; Esmond Chia, Oracle
  • S292004, Introduction to Management and Diagnosability of Oracle Fusion Middleware: John Lang, Oracle
  • S292603, What's Coming in Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus Foundation: David Granholm, Oracle
  • S291694, Oracle Fusion Middleware for Business and Functional Managers: Markus Zirn, Oracle
  • S290729, The Latest from Oracle XML Publisher for Oracle E-Business Suite: Tim Dexter, Oracle
  • S290917, A Technical Road Map for Oracle Fusion, Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, and Oracle Fusion Applications: Brian Bent, Solution Beacon, LLC; John Stouffer, Solution Beacon, LLC
  • S292887, Demystifying Oracle Fusion: OAUG?s Three-Step Program: Alicia Hoekstra, Solution Beacon, LLC; John Stouffer, Solution Beacon, LLC
  • S292530, IOUC/Oracle Roadmap Wizard: An Online Tool That Provides Guidance on Your Applications Road Map: Debra Lilley, Fujitsu; Paul Pedrazzi, Oracle
  • S290852, 10 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for Oracle Fusion Applications: Nadia Bendjedou, Oracle
  • S291779, Hands-on Lab: Service-Enabling Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Oracle E-Business Suite, Using Oracle SOA Suite: Vikas Anand, Oracle; Suzanne D'Souza, Oracle; Latha Krishnaswamy, Oracle; Nishit Rao, Oracle
  • S291904, Oracle Fusion Middleware for Extending and Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Applications: Amit Zavery, Oracle
  • S292043, PeopleSoft Enterprise Adoption of Oracle Fusion Middleware: Binu Mathew, Oracle; Hubert Winter, Deutsche Bank AG
  • S292083, Short-Shifted Development: Open Source, Eclipse, and Oracle Fusion Middleware: Steve Button, Oracle
  • S290549, Siebel and Oracle Fusion Middleware: Dipock Das, Oracle; Uma Welingkar, Oracle
  • S292750, Introduction to Oracle Fusion Applications: Steve Miranda, Oracle
  • S291987, Extend PeopleSoft Applications, Using Oracle Fusion Development Tools: David Bain, Oracle
  • S292751, Upgrading to Oracle Fusion Applications: Planning Ahead: Cliff Godwin, Oracle
  • S290746, Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and SOA: Step by Step: John Mead, Rittman Mead Consulting; Mark Rittman, Rittman Mead Consulting
  • S291779, Hands-on Lab: Service-Enabling Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Oracle E-Business Suite, Using Oracle SOA Suite: Vikas Anand, Oracle; Suzanne D'Souza, Oracle; Latha Krishnaswamy, Oracle; Nishit Rao, Oracle
  • S291697, Taking Oracle AIA to the Next Level with Oracle Fusion Middleware: Pardha Reddy, Oracle; Markus Zirn, Oracle
  • S290856, Oracle Fusion-Ready: Automatically Convert Your Standard Reports to Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher: Nadia Bendjedou, Oracle; Subraya Yeltimar, Oracle
  • S292719, Getting Value from Oracle Fusion Technology with Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards Applications Today: Thomas Kurian, Oracle
  • S290678, Oracle E-Business Suite: User Interface Migration to Oracle Fusion Toolset: Subraya Yeltimar, Oracle
  • S291883, Enhancing Application Users' Experience with Web 2.0 Capabilities: Barry Hiern, Oracle
  • S292269, How to Prepare Now for Oracle Fusion: Subaru, Cummins, and Oracle Share a Path to Fusion That Is Delivering Positive Results Today: Steve Harbour, Cummins Filtration; Satish Jayaram, Cummins Power Generation; Gopi Keertinagar, Oracle ; Brian Simmermon, Subaru
  • S291457, Oracle Fusion Middleware for JD Edwards World: Tom Carrell, Oracle; Dave Geoffrion, Oracle
  • S292523, Top 10 Deployment Tips for Oracle Fusion Middleware: Janga Aliminati, Oracle; Jayesh Shah, Oracle
Support-Related Sessions
  • S291919, Top-Down Application Management: Oracle?s Blueprint for Managing from the Business Perspective: Rajiv Taori, Oracle
  • S290935, Oracle Advanced MetaLink and Support Best Practices, Tips, and Tools: David Muirhead, Oracle; Chris Warticki, Oracle
  • S291552, Extending the Value of Your Oracle Solution with Oracle Solution Support Center: Sun Microsystems: Jennifer Chen, Oracle; Saleem Haque, Oracle; John Will, Sun Microsystems
  • S290665, The Power of Adopting Support Best Practices: A Case Study with BMI: Camellia Petty, BMI; Stephanie Tuttle, BMI; Chris Warticki, Oracle
  • S290937, Harness the Power of Oracle Diagnostics with Oracle E-Business Suite Support Tools: David Warhoe, Oracle
  • S292401, Maximize Your Upgrade Success with Oracle Support: Robbin Henslee, Oracle; Jeff Oparka, Oracle
  • S290905, The Future of OracleMetaLink Starts Today: David Muirhead, Oracle; Joshua Solomin, Oracle
Other Sessions
  • S290925, Mixing Flow Manufacturing with Discrete Manufacturing in a Single Plant: Larry Gray, Business & Decision
  • S291554, Oracle Solution Support Center: Driving Operational Excellence for Telstra: Rik Harris, Telstra; Drew McCarthy, Oracle; Mohamed Nur, Telstra
  • S291125, Oracle E-Business Suite Change Management and Best Practices That Support Nearly Out-of-the-Box Implementations: John Govoni, Oracle; Ray Hughes, Eaton
  • S292080, Bring Web 2.0 to the Enterprise: Greg Crider, Oracle; Rick Schultz,
  • S290694, Customer Case Study: Experiences with Real-World Identity Management and Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and Release 12--Next Evolution: Steven Chan, Oracle; Arun Changamveetil, Fujitsu Consulting
  • S292447, Oracle E-Business Suite Executive Update and Road Map: Jon Chorley, Oracle; Paul Pagliari, Government of Scotland; Murali Subramanian, Oracle
  • S290677, Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Technology Essentials: Lisa Parekh, Oracle
Now, keep in mind that OOW is still a way off. Much of this could change, so keep an eye on the OOW Schedule Builder for changes. But, as I write this, this is what looks good to me.

Hope to see you at OOW! If you get a chance, stop me and say can never have too many friends.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the honorable mentions

did you know that you're session is competing with Steven's on advanced architecture? Argh!

"ghost-writing" - I smell an editorial comment there but, if the shoe fits...:-)

Good stuff - thanks for putting this out.

fteter said...

John, honorable mentions hardly does your stuff justice. Your presentations are more along the lines of "must see."

Yes, I saw that they lined me up opposite Steven Chan. And I wanted to do Steven's session... Doesn't really matter much, as it's Thursday afternoon - all the sessions will be empty.

vinnie said...

Floyd, thanks for comments in the Deal Architect blog. Looks pretty good I will be at OOW myself and would enjoy shaking hands...I tried to send an email but it bounced...

fteter said...


Glad to hear you'll make OOW...we'll definitely shake hands. Your email did make it through to me and I responded.