Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oracle ACE

Oracle has recently expanded the Oracle ACE program to include members of the applications community. As a result of that expansion, lo and behold, I was recently named as an Oracle of the first from the applications community. I guess it's true that the sun shines on every dog's rear end sooner or later.

As I understand it, the Oracle ACE award is given in recognition for enthusiasm and contributions in the Oracle user community. When I look at the list of Oracle ACEs, I see some very intelligent and well-known Oracle experts. I don't feel like I deserve to be in that group...I'm simultaneously humbled and proud to be included in it. I'm also grateful to the people who played a role in making this happen.

I'm honored to have received the Oracle ACE award and will try to measure up to the designation.

1 comment:

Marian said...

Congratulations, Floyd! Well deserved. See, those nights and days typing away your blog posts finally paid off (sort of)! :-) Enjoy.