Friday, November 30, 2007

11i Users - Let's Mix It Up For A CU3 Patch!

I read an interesting post on Steven Chan's blog today about Consolidated Update patching versus Family Pack patching. Steven's basic premise is that, when given the choice, you're better off to apply a much larger Cosolidated Update patch than piecemealing your way through a series of smaller Family Packs. His logic is very sound and, frankly, I think he's right on the money. I won't rehash his entire article here, as you can follow the link and read it for yourself - it's worth reading just for the comparison of the differences between Consolidated Updates and Family Packs.

The really interesting part of the discussion Steven kicked off is in the comments to his post. While many of us agree that Consolidated Updates are better than Family Packs, those of us who have applied CU2 to 11.5.10 are stuck with subsequent Family Packs as our only option. CU2 is well over two years old. Many issues have popped up since the release of CU2, and many of those issue are resolved through Family Packs (or, in some cases, Mini-Packs) released since CU2. Unfortunately, the only option for obtaining post-CU2 fixes is through Family Packs (or Mini-Packs). There is no CU3. In fact, in his executive Q&A at OpenWorld 2007, Cliff Godwin noted that there are currently no plans for creating a new 11.5.10.CU3 release. Nevertheless, many 11.5.10 customers see the need for a CU3. Some of us have stated the need in the comments to Steven's article.

In responding to the comments about a need for a CU3, Steven made a comment that got my mental gears turning:
You should know that a collective customer request carries more weight than individual ones. One possible avenue for ensuring that your voices are combined in chorus would be to work with OAUG on polling the membership on this issue. I would be curious to see what weight a petition would carry.
As I considered Steven's statement, my thoughts turned to Oracle Mix. An EBS group has already been established. We can submit ideas and see how many folks will support those ideas. So why not submit a proposal (essentially a virtual petition) for a CU3 via Oracle Mix and see how many customers want it? This goes right to the purpose for the creation of Oracle Mix. So, I kicked the idea around and finally did it - there's now an idea for the creation of a CU3 patch for 11.5.10 EBS customers on Oracle Mix.

If you are an Oracle EBS customer and want to see a CU3 patch for 11.5.10, please follow the link to the proposal on Oracle Mix and vote for it (click the big button that states how many people want it). In order to vote, you'll need to log in - registration requires an email address from a valid Oracle customer. Let's use Web 2.0 to get a CU3 patch - get yourself in the Mix!

UPDATE #1: As of noon (PST) on Monday, December 3, we have 15 votes for a CU3 patch on Oracle Mix. It's a good start, but we need more (by a few orders of magnitude) in order to get Oracle's attention. If you want a CU3 patch for 11i, get over to Oracle Mix and make your voice heard!

UPDATE #2: As of 3:30 (PST) on Wednesday, December 5, we have 20 votes for the CU3 patch on Oracle Mix. Thanks to those of you who have signed up and voted. For those who have not, please consider doing so - your voice will really make a difference.


Jake said...

Thanks for using Mix for this, which is exactly what we intended.

I'd like to see more Apps users out there supporting your idea.

Let me know if you have thoughts on how to gain some momentum.

fteter said...

Jake - no thanks needed. This just seems like a natural fit.

I think the way to generate more Mix users from the Apps user community is to simply keep evangelizing the benefits of Mix and the concepts behind it - every chance we get.