Tuesday, November 13, 2007

OpenWorld 2007 - Monday Communique

Some of the major developments on Monday...

Oracle Mix - the buzz of the show this year is Oracle Mix, a pretty spectacular means of sharing ideas, getting answers to questions, and networking. Oracle took their Connect apps, applied what they learned, then released Connect outside their firewall for the entire Oracle community to use. Mix is pretty nifty - my gears are really turning on ways we can use this stuff within JPL and NASA. Check it out for yourself.

Fusion Applications - Although the information available on Fusion Apps continues to be limited, the IOUC did present a managed release of a strategic roadmap wizard for customers considering a move to Fusion Apps. It's pretty high-level stuff, but the questions considered are very similar to those I went through in my own shop while building JPL's own roadmap.

Fusion Middleware - Lots of good information on increasing the functionality of ERP applications with Fusion Middleware, including a good model presented by Nadia Bendjedou and Markus Zirn that helps draw some lines between extensions and customizations. There's also some emphasis on using Oracle Irep, which seems to be new information for many people here...as a near-daily user of Irep as a reference for finding APIs in the E-Business Suite, I'm amazed at the number of people don't know about it or use it.

Oracle VM - Oracle announced the release of Xen-based Oracle VM, a hypervisor that provisions virtual servers, manages virtual environments and moves applications from one server to another while the program continues to run. VM is a hot space at the moment, so it's not a suprise to see Oracle unveil a VM product.

On a personal note, I had a great time with the OracleAppsLab crew at the 21st Amendment last night. They're a small crew of very talented people more than willing to share their thoughts on innovation and Web 2.0, especially as those things apply within the enterprise.


Tim said...

Hey Meester Teter
Did I spot you lurking at the back of the XMLP session today. Not having met you properly face to face as it were I only had your blog photot to go on - apologies if it was not you. And if you were not there, why not :0?
Cheers, Tim

fteter said...

Yup, you spotted me. Pretty sharp eyes given the size of the crowd. Met to come up and say hello, but I had to take off a bit early :(

John said...


The link to the Mix in your article is incorrect. It states "hppt://mix.oracle.com" instead of "http://mix.oracle.com".

Looks good otherwise.


fteter said...


Thanks for the kudos and for pointing out my URL error - that's what I get for keying it in with my own fat fingers rather than using "copy and paste". It should be fixed now (11/16/07) - Floyd

Jake said...

Great to meet you finally. Drop me a note on space images when you get time.

fteter said...


The pleasure at meeting was all mine. The work you're doing, and the fact that you're successfully driving innovation within a massive company like Oracle, is really exciting stuff. - Floyd