Thursday, November 15, 2007

OpenWorld 2007 - Wednesday Communique

Did a few things today that were a bit unusual, partially because I ran out of energy Tuesday evening and partially because I wanted to sample a few other events at this year's OpenWorld.

I spent some time on the Exhibit floor today, just wandering around and talking to people. My intent was to get a feel for the services and 3rd party software market spaces relating to Oracle Apps. I actually do this, to some degree, at every conference I attend. Anyway, I've had a feeling for some time now that Oracle's breadth of services has grown to the point that some of the smaller 3rd party software and service providers are getting squeezed. My wanderings today reinforced that feeling - there was a definite sense of urgency by many of the vendors on the exhibit floor. I'll expand on this in a later post.

I also spend some time at the Innovation exhibits. Amazing stuff. Dell had a vertical waterfall and a transparent markup board for people to define "What Green Means". Intel also had a great exhibit. I'm hoping I can facilitate JPL's participation next year.

Getting back to a session, I did make it to Markus Zirn's "Fusion Middleware for Business and Functional Managers". Markus did a fine job of using customer stories to relate Fusion Middleware components with business benefits. Markus' goal for this presentation, which he accomplished very well, was to drive home the idea that customers should implement Fusion Middleware components to achieve specific business objectives, rather than just implementing technology for technology's sake.

Finally, I attended the OAUG Appreciation Reception at the Varnish Fine Arts. OAUG handed out 12 Ambassador Awards to very deserving Oracle employees. It was great to see the user community recognize the outstanding efforts of these people.

Well, tomorrow is my own presentation on the Roadmap to Fusion Applications. I guess this means I'll have to review myself tomorrow...

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