Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Third Time's The Charm

This is a little off-topic but still worth noting...

A couple of guys I know and respect have started a new company. Rob McMillen and John Stouffer (a recently minted Oracle Applications ACE) recently started up Triora Group, specializing in providing mission-critical services for clients who rely on Oracle Applications, Fusion Middleware and the Oracle Database. This is the third time together for these two, having worked together before at both Computer System Authority and Solution Beacon. I had the opportunity to be a client of Computer System Authority and continue to be a Solution Beacon customer: having both those companies in their pedigrees says a lot for the quality of the company Rob and John are forming. I wish them all the best and look forward to the good things they'll accomplish as Triora Group.

You can learn much more by checking the Triora Group website here and reading their blog here.

This concludes this special commercial message...we now return you to your regular programming.


Atul Kumar said...

Good luck to Triora Team.

Atul Kumar

justadba said...


You're a good PR guy. Faster than Oracle which still doesn't have me listed as an ACE. Good advertising for us though. Thanks.

On your 11i extended support issue, I believe that we need to make sure OAUG pushes this extensively at Collaborate 08. I certainly will at the Upgrade SIG meeting.

It's going to be a big shock to some people... :-(


Anonymous said...

Good to see Stouffer's new company. John, welcome to the ACE team as well!


fteter said...

@justadba: It's easy to be a good PR guy for good people.