Thursday, March 27, 2008

More "10 Things..." Stuff

Oracle's Nadia Bendjedou, of "10 Things You Can Do Today To Get Ready For Fusion Applications" fame, has expanded her presentation into a white paper. The white paper expands on the "10 Things..." theme, including some use case scenarios for different types of circumstances. It's well worth reading. You can find Nadia's white paper here.

Thanks to Yak About Apps' Linda Fishman Hoyle for bringing Nadia's paper to my attention.


Tim said...

When I half looked at your post title in my Firefox live bookmark.
'More 10 Things ... Stuff'
I thought oh no - not more Oracle mayhem and frivolity with the new "10 Things About me ..." trying to trump Jake. Thank goodness for double takes :0)

fteter said...

@tim: trumping Jake? Not possible!