Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Thoughts On OOW

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 will offer me a perspective I have missed out on for a long time - that of someone "just attending" ("just attending" is a phrase that's always bothered me - without the folks "just attending", there is no conference). Granted, I'll be highly engaged while attending, but I'm "just attending": no presentations, no panels, no nothing...strictly an audience member. This is a perspective I have not experienced in several years and, to be honest, it's really cool.

I don't miss the pressure of building presentations and keeping them current in the weeks leading up to OOW. I also like the independence and schedule flexibility. Finally, I like being able to focus on those things that will allow me to be a "highly engaged" attendee and add value to the Oracle user community in new ways during the conference. One example of this: I'm writing this post from my iPhone, using LifeCast - be a nice way to blog in real time (other than Twitter) if this little test is successful.

So my goal for this OOW, other than learning about the important subjects mentioned in my last post, is to fire up real-time discussions during OOW. The mix of the blogger and Oracle Ace credentials Oracle was kind enough to pass my way (thanks Justin) with some nifty social networking technology may allow us all to be "highly engaged" this year. I can't wait!

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