Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recommending A Good R12 Primer

I think that one of the impacts from Oracle OpenWorld this year will be an increased desire for many EBS users to upgrade to R12. Version 12.1 is due out soon (maybe before OOW, during OOW, or shortly thereafter). In fact, some of the supporting docs for 12.1 are beginning to show up on MetaLink. I suspect anything we see on the EBS at OOW will based on 12.1.

I've thought for some time that 12.1 will represent something of a tipping point in terms of R12 uptake within the user community. I know that Oracle has put some significant effort into the overall quality of the release and I'm expecting a much improved product, both in terms of fixes and new functionality. Both those aspects will stir up some pretty strong interest in upgrading to R12.

If I'm right (hey, everybody has to get lucky once in could happen), Solution Beacon's Release 12 Primer will take on some new significance for those considering an upgrade to R12. It's a great overall reference on R12, written by some talented and pretty intelligent folks. I have a copy in my bookcase and, even though my shop is still on, I do refer people with R12 questions to relevant sections of the book frequently. If you don't already own a copy, you may want to consider picking one up for your reference library.


Mohan Dutt said...

The book is available also as a handy download. I bought it online and instantly downloaded a copy.
It is written in a great conversation/lecture style and easy to understand. A must for every organization team member implementing or upgrade to R12.

red said...

Thank you very much for this information.


Anonymous said...

On a related note, another good reason to go with R12.1 is that Oracle is releasing a number of pre-built integrations against it. Customers using Siebel, Agile, PeopleSoft, etc...will want to look into this.

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