Friday, September 26, 2008

Notes From TFSOTW - Thursday

So it's about noon on Thursday as I write this post. Things are winding down at OOW and many people have left to begin their journey home (including me in another three hours). Many friends have already said their farewells and we've all promised to meet up again at Collaborate 09 next May.

I did get in a good session this morning: the R12 Upgrade Panel. Learned a few things about the upgrade and got some validation of my feeling that the upgrade to EBS R12 is really beginning to build up some momentum. Also spent some time in the OTN Lounge, working through a few last-minute technical issues with some of the best minds in the Oracle domain.

So now it's time to hit the road for home. From my perspective, it's been a very different OOW from years past. Very good but also very different. More on that when I post my final thoughts in the next day or so.

Sorry no pics from today...I slacked off again.

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