Thursday, September 11, 2008

Steppin' Down

Sometimes things don't work out
But that's how life is, son
All them little miseries
Can keep you on the run
Just remember that old saying
'Bout the round hole and square peg
And put out the fire
Call in the dogs
Head it on back to Bowleg
- From "Bowleg" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

I'm stepping down as Chair of the OAUG Fusion Council. It's part of my effort to simplify life so I can focus on getting some health issues related to the diabetes thing under control. The Fusion Council won't be rid of me, because I plan to continue as a Council member. Nor do I plan to stop blogging about Oracle Fusion, the E-Business Suite, or things related (some just barely) to either subject. It's just that, in order to continue providing the highest level of value to OAUG members and the general Oracle user community, the Council needs a focused leader...and my focus for the next few months will be elsewhere.

Once I have things under control, I'll renew my engagement with OAUG leadership in the manner that makes the most sense. But for now, I have to step back from a few things and focus on personal matters. Time to head it on back to Bowleg.

We have a very capable person stepping in to take my place as Chair, but that's not my news to share. Watch OAUG's website for news on the change in leadership for the Fusion Council.

We now continue with your regularly scheduled programming...


Noons said...

Here is hjoping you get that diabetes thing under control!
Pleae do continue to blog about Fusion, this place is one of the few with sensible and timely information!

Debra said...

Please dont tell me I will be loosing you too

Your OCP Advisor said...

On behalf of the global OAUG Community our grateful thanks to you for chairing the OAUG Fusion Council since its inception.
We look forward to your continued leadership in OAUG, perhaps as a member of the Board!

Jake said...

Take care of your health first. Work stuff somehow manages to get done w/o us. See you in a few weeks at OOW.

fteter said...

@noons: thanks for the good wishes. Don't worry, it'll take more than a little extra sugar in the blood to shut me up!

@debra: you should be so lucky! Nope, you're still stuck with me.

@your ocp advisor: thanks for the kudos. I'll plug back into the OAUG leadership when I have this thing under wraps.

@jake: you pegged my intent - get healthy first, then deal with the work thing. We'll definitely hook up at OOW.

Steve Romeo said...

Feel better Floyd! Health and family first!