Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fusion Apps In 2010?

Lots of buzz recently over the Oracle Q3 earnings call. One comment that’s probably gotten more than it’s fair share of examination came directly from Larry Ellison: “…next year we are going to be delivering the next generation Fusion applications, which we have been investing very heavily in over the years…”

It sounds as though we’ll see Fusion Applications sometime in 2010. I’m glad to hear that news. While not knowing all the intimate details and war stories surrounding Fusion Apps development, it sure seems as though much of the work progressed in a “two steps forward and one step back” pattern. It’ll be good to see a resulting product.

Keep in mind that this will be the first iterative release of Fusion Apps. This first release will not be a full-functionality replacement for any single Applications Unlimited product. The first release is not a destination, but simply a mile-marker along the road. While a product release will be a great sign of progress, Fusion Apps development will still be far from finished. So, when the first iteration becomes available, put on the party hats, blow the horns and toss the confetti…just keep in mind that most of the road will still be in front of us.


Anonymous said...

How do you mean 'iterative release'? What's the difference between this and a full 1.0 release?

fteter said...

@PeopleSoft Tipster: Good questions. Let me take a shot at clarifying.

Fusion Apps will be delivered in increments. In the first release of Fusion Apps, we'll get some pretty decent bite-sized chunks of functionality, such as Financials and Human Capital Management. The functionality delivered will be complete, but it won't cover the entire scope of functionality planned for Fusion Apps.

Subsequent increments will include additional bite-sized chunks, such as Manufacturing, and may also add new features to previously released functionality.

Hope this answers your questions.

László said...

You mentioned Financials, Human Capital Mgmt. What about CRM apps? We are in a big CRM-Siebel migration project within the next 2 years. What will happen to Siebel, when it will be (at least partly) Fusion based? Or Fusion Apps nout about CRM?

fteter said...

@Laszlo: There are about 8 CRM Fusion Apps out as I write this, primarily offered through the On-Demand channel.

In addition, Oracle has recently released Siebel 8.1.1.

Not sure what you mean by "...when will it be Fusion based"?

László said...


I mean: When will Oracle move Siebel CRM from the old C++ based engines to Fusion MW 11g based (Oracle Weblogic)?

Or at least the Siebel components that already J2ee/iAS based (SelfCare)?


fteter said...

@Laszlo: I really don't have any info on the timing and my track regard for estimating delivery dates for Oracle releases is marginal at best. Will update if I learn anything on the matter.