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Collaborate 09 - What Looks Good To Me

Collaborate 09 is almost here, taking place May 3 - 9 in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending Collaborate this year. The budget is too tight and the workload is too high for me to get there. It’s a tough choice, as I always get huge value from attending Collaborate, but it’s a necessary choice this year.

If I were attending, the focus points for me this year would be Fusion Architecture (middleware and applications…especially the Applications Integration Architecture or “AIA”), E-Business, and Support. For those of you who are able to attend, I’ve highlighted some sessions in these focus areas that look especially good to me. I’ve laid out the sessions by subject, using a format of session id, title, presenter, presenter’s company, date, time. There are some scheduling conflicts in my list but, as I’ve written before, that’s a key indicator of a good conference. Keep in mind that session scheduling could very well change between this time I write this and the time the conference begins. You should stay current by using the Agenda Builder at

So here you go…if you get to Orlando, have some rock shrimp for me!

Oracle Executive Sessions

Oracle’s Strategy Update for Best-in-Class Applications and Next Generation Technology, Charles Phillips, President, Monday, 9:30

2921 - Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Strategy and General Manager Update, Cliff Godwin, Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Monday, 10:45

62430 - What Should I do? Strategic Applications Planning for PeopleSoft Customers, John Webb, Vice President, PeopleSoft Enterprise Product Strategy, Tuesday, 11:00

2862 - Keynote Support Executive Session — Future of Support, Jim Patrice, Senior Vice President, Global Customer Support, Tuesday, 1:30

2864 – Communities, Medi Goker, Vice President, Global E-Business Suite Support, Tuesday, 3:15

2825 - Business Transformation with AIA and MDM, Jose Lazares, Vice President, Applications Development and Applications Integration Architecture, Monday, 2:30

2792 - Oracle Fusion Applications — Applications for the Next Generation Organization (Part I), Steve Miranda, Senior Vice President, Chris Leone, Group Vice President, Fusion and GRC Applications Development, Wednesday, 8:30

2793 - Oracle Fusion Applications — Applications for the Next Generation Organization (Part II), Steve Miranda, Senior Vice President, Chris Leone, Group Vice President, Fusion and GRC Applications Development, Wednesday, 9:45

2790 - Oracle Running Oracle, Bret Fuller, Senior Vice President, Thursday, 8:30

Fusion Architecture

1094 - Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) For Conversion, Vineet Rai (Infosys Technologies Limited, Bangalore), Monday 8:00-9:00

2586 - BI Publisher Quick Start Guide, Karen Brownfield (Solution Beacon, LLC), Monday 8:00-9:00

779 - Oracle's Vision, Strategy and Roadmap for Portals and User Interaction , Rahul Patel (Oracle), Monday 10:45-11:45

702 - Getting Started with SOA, Chris Ostrowski (TUSC), Monday 10:45-11:45

782 - WebCenter Interaction Roadmap (ALUI), Ajay Gandhi (Oracle), Monday 1:15-2:15

2786 - 10 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare your Path to the Future - Part 1 Nadia Bendjedou (Oracle), Monday 1:15-2:15

2869 - The Evolution of Oracle Data Integration, Denis Gray (Oracle), Monday 1:15-2:15

1459 - Best practices for Master Data Management: Product Information Masters and Transformation Hubs, Amit Garg (CRMantra), Monday 2:30-3:30

1903 - Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) as Oracle SAM for System Activity Monitoring, Shivaprasad Kambalimath (Infosys Consulting Inc), Monday 2:30-3:30

2825 - Rapid Deployment of Applications with Application Integration Architecture and Master Data Management, Jose Lazares (Oracle), Monday 2:30-3:30

785 - Bringing it All Together: Oracle Web Center Interaction, Universal Content Management, Identity Management & Secure Search (Chick-fil-A, ALUI) , Jay Taylor (Chick-Fil-A); Brian Lucas (Chick-Fil-A), Monday 3:45-4:45

786 - Oracle WebLogic Portal Roadmap, Josh Lannin (Oracle), Monday 3:45-4:45

1128 - Bullet-proof SSO & OBIEE: Implementing a Single-Sign-On Solution with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Brad Reinders (BI CONSULTING GROUP), Monday 3:45-4:45

2887 - Zero Sign-on to EBS - Enabling 96000 users to login to EBS without user maintenance, Doug Pepka (Comcast Cable Communication), Monday 3:45-4:45

2727 - Oracle BPEL Training, Basheer Khan (Innowave Technology), Tuesday 9:45-10:45

1800 - Integration of Banner Student information to Oracle Financials using SOA Tools, Kiran Pasham (EiS Technologies, Inc.), Tuesday 9:45-10:45

3191 - A Common Sense Approach to Building Next Generation Business Systems leveraging the SOA Framework, Peter Lang (Protege Software Services), Tuesday 11:00-11:30

113 - Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications - Application Server Strategy and Status Mike Lehmann (Oracle), Tuesday 11:00-12:00

790 - WebLogic Portal Essentials: 10 Things Oracle Brings to WebLogic Portal, Josh Lannin (Oracle), Tuesday 11:00-12:00

2732 - What Oracle E-Business Suite Customers Can Do with Oracle Fusion Middleware Today, Nadia Bendjedou (Oracle), Tuesday 1:30-2:30

2137 - Picking Up the Pieces After All the Oracle Acquisitions: Developing an Oracle Applications Roadmap, David Rudzinsky (Hologic, Inc), Tuesday 3:15-4:15

2918 - 10 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare your Path to the Future - Part 2 [Panel] , Nadia Bendjedou (Oracle), Tuesday 3:15-4:15

737 - Oracle Fusion Middleware - Tales from the Trenches, Paul Dorsey (Dulcian, Inc.), Wednesday 9:45-10:45

1129 - Buy vs. Build - What's the real value of pre-built BI Analytic Applications?, Amy Mayer (BI Consulting Group), Wednesday 11:00-12:00

1162 – Service Oriented Architecture Introduction For Business Users, Robert McMillen (Triora Group LLC), Wednesday 11:00-12:00

2198 - Using Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack to Build a Best-of-Breed Landscape, Michael Rulf (AT&T), Wednesday 11:00-12:00

1443 - Uncover Design Patterns In Composite Applications Using Oracle Application Integration Architectur, Ramesh Chandra Revuru (Sierra Atlantic Inc), Wednesday 1:30-2:30

1657 - A Technical Roadmap for Oracle Fusion Middleware, E-Business Suite Release 12 and Oracle Fusion Applications, John Stouffer (Independent), Wednesday 3:15-4:15

2307 - Cross-Application Data Integrity Considerations When Integrating Packages Using Middleware, Miles Thomas (Tesco plc), Wednesday 4:30-5:30

2784 - Maximize the Value of Your Investments in Applications with End to End Process Integrations, Devesh Sharma (Oracle), Wednesday 4:30-5:30

2432 - Fusion Architecture - A Technical Perspective, Kevin Dahl (Solution Beacon, LLC), Thursday 11:00-12:00

1797 - Bam! We Have Integration - Using SOA Suite/ODI/BAM To Monitor Your Integration Layer , Ahmed Aboulnaga (IT Convergence Corporation), Thursday 12:15-1:15

1609 - The ABCs of AIA , Michael Butler (TUSC), Thursday 12:15-1:15


2392 - Achieving Excellence in Customer Service and Support- Today's Primary Goal in The High Tech Industry, Chiranjib Sarkar (Quantum Corporation), Monday 1:15-2:15

1458 - From the Trenches: An e-Business Suite R12- 11g Implementation, Jerry Ireland (Rightsizing, Inc.), Tuesday 9:45-10:45

2739 - Using Oracle Application Server 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite, Steven Chan (Oracle), Tuesday 9:45-10:45

1873 - Using Oracle VM To Support An Oracle E-Business Suite Environment , Michael Brown (Colibri Limited Company), Tuesday 11:00-12:00

3027 – Wizarding Your Way To Release 12, Brian Bent, Tuesday, 1:30-2:30

1854 - Case study: Customer Service Portal Using Oracle iSupport, Anant Soni, Wednesday 4:30-5:30

2585 - Workflow Performance Tuning, Karen Brownfield (Solution Beacon, LLC), Wednesday 4:30-5:30

1068 - Extending Oracle E-Business Suite In A Supported and Upgradeable Manner , Srini Chavali (Cummins, Inc.), Thursday 9:45-10:45

2554 - What's New in Workflow: 11i RUP5, RUP6 and R12, Karen Brownfield (Solution Beacon, LLC), Thursday 9:45-10:45


780 - How to Best Utilize Oracle Customer Support, Mark Middleton (Oracle), Monday 12:00-12:30

61970 - Working Effectively with Oracle Utilities Support, Jennifer Borders (Oracle Corporation), Monday 3:45-4:45

2865 - My Oracle Support Proactive/Predictive Health Checks, Hiran Patel (Oracle), Wednesday 8:30-9:30

2866 - My Oracle Support Best Practices: Deployment, Installation, Maintenance And Usage, Anthony Cavotta (Oracle), Wednesday 9:45-10:45

3153 - Application Upkeep in a Downturn, Michael Rulf (AT&T), Wednesday 10:15-10:45

1334 - Support Tips and Tricks: Resolve Service Requests Faster, or Avoid Some All Together, James Phipps (Oracle Corp), Thursday 8:30-9:30


justadba said...

Floyd - as usual, a great selection. Lots of good overlapping topics - some hard decisions to make.

We'll miss you this year.


mike munro said...

Hi, new to blogging. How can I get latest blogs from yourself?


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fteter said...

@justadba: thanks. yeah, lots of good content. Disappointed that I won't be there.

@mike munro: if you look to the right of the blog page, you'll see archives by month. That will give you my latest blog posts. In addition, the same general area also has links to blogs I like.