Friday, May 01, 2009

If I Were Going To Collaborate

I'm not attending Collaborate 09. Tough economy, tight budget, massive know the story. It's a real shame I can't make it, as I see Collaborate as an event that provides a substantial return on investment.

If I were going to Collaborate this year, there are a few things I would focus on and watch for:

1) As Oracle continues to advance through acquisitions, integrating the various software components becomes a continually large piece of their evolutionary process. In that process, the Applications Integration Architecture is becoming even more significant. I'd spend some time at Collaborate learning about AIA.

2) There seems to be significant activity around an impending E-Business 12.1 release. If I could get a look at EBS 12.1 at Collaborate, I'd take the opportunity to do so.

3) The Oracle story these days continues to revolve around Fusion Middleware. Collaborate will provide some opportunities to hear some customer experiences about Fusion Middleware, especially BPEL (which sort of leads us back in the direction of AIA, doesn't it?)

4) Collaborate will include a "live drive" of Fusion Applications. If you're attending Collaborate and haven't seen Fusion Apps yet, the demo is definitely worth the time you'll invest.

5) With maintenance becoming such a significant portion of IT budgets, this is not the year to neglect gathering new information on Oracle Support. Learn how to get the most value from your maintenance dollars by spending a few minutes with any member of the OAUG Customer Support Council.

6) There is an old saying in the enterprise applications world: "applications come and go, but the data remains." Truer words were never spoken. If you're an Oracle apps user and you don't know much about the database, you're missing knowledge on the most critical element of your software technology stack. Collaborate is a great place to start learning about the database.

OK, I'm admittedly painting with a pretty broad brush here. That's one of the best things about Collaborate...there's some much to see, hear and learn. For more detail, check out my previous post on "What Looks Good To Me" from Collaborate 09. Ya'all enjoy the conference...

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