Saturday, October 17, 2009

Now Why Don't He Write?

Remember in "Dances with Wolves" when Kevin Costner and Robert Pastorelli come across a skeleton along the trail? Pastorelli jokes that there's some family back east thinking "now why don't he write?" Bet ya'all are thinking the same thing about me right about now…I've been at Oracle OpenWorld for a week, some big news broke, and I haven't written a doggone thing. Well, there's three reasons for that:

  1. I was incredibly busy, running hard from 7 every morning until at least 10 every night. My schedule was just out of control. Not much time to sit down at write.
  2. The wireless network was unreliable and the ATT 3G network has been slowed to less than a crawl in San Francisco. Blogging from my iPhone was just not possible.
  3. With the public demo of Fusion Apps during Larry Ellison's keynote, I wanted time to contemplate what to write here (rather than striving to be in the "first wave" of bloggers writing about the news.

So now that I'm home, sitting on the back deck and sipping from my fairly reliable home wireless network, I''ll pick up where I left off. Sorry for the wait...

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