Sunday, April 11, 2010

Collaborate 10 - What Looks Good To Me

Collaborate 10 kicks off in Las Vegas on April 18th. I'm actually flying out on the 16th to get settled in and attend to some OAUG-related pre-conference things. Overall, it looks to be a pretty good user conference. I'm personally going there to dig into 3 subjects: Fusion Architecture, E-Business upgrades to R12.1.x, and squeezing more value from the buckets full of money delivered for Oracle Support maintenance.

I'll also be engaged in presenting or hosting a few sessions of my own:

- Oracle Fusion Architecture: Soup to Nuts workshop: I think this will be a major highlight of the conference. Oracle, OAUG, Quest, ODTUG, HEUG, IOUC and IOUG have all combined forces to touch on some of the more significant components of Fusion Architecture. We'll be talking about and performing demos on the database tools, development tools, middleware, Fusion Principles, User Experience, and Fusion Applications. We'll dedicate a portion of the workshop to customers standing up and talking about their experiences with Fusion Architecture. Then we'll wrap things up with a panel answering audience questions. Sunday April 18th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mandalay Bay D, Level 2, South Convention Center. And attendance is free for all conference attendees.

- Release 12.1 - Reimplement versus Upgrade Panel: How I got invited onto a panel with all these smart people is beyond me. Show up for this session and we'll all learn a bunch about upgrading to R12.1.

- I also be dropping into a few SIG and Geo meetings, and may even wind up doing some Q&A at one or two of those sessions.

So, other than those sessions where I'm presenting, I looked over the catalog of sessions with my three areas of focus in mind. What follows is a list of the sessions that that look good to me. I didn't include session times or locations, as there is already a pretty nifty tool for looking all that stuff up here. If you do look up my list, you'll see there are time conflicts involved - a sign of a good conference is that you have to make difficult choices about how to spend your time - so you won't be able to catch all of these sessions...these are just the sessions that piqued my interest.

Fusion Architecture

- Oracle Fusion Applications: Functional Overview

- The Fusion Development Experience

- 10 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for the Next Generation Applications

- Oracle Fusion Applications: Technical Oveview

- OA Framework Versus ADF: The Better Choice for the Best Benefits

- Technology Essentials: Using the Latest Oracle Technologies with E-Business Suite

- Fusion Applications 101

- Where in the World Are We? (This is a case study of a JDE World customer using Fusion Middleware...I'm really looking forward to this session)

- Understanding What Fusion Applications Means to You

- Web 2.0 User Experience and Oracle Fusion Middleware Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

- A Technical Roadmap for Oracle Fusion Middleware, E-Business Suite R12 & Oracle Fusion Applications

- Fusion Service Oriented Architecture Explained for Business Users

- Fusion Principles: Lessons in Fusion Middleware from Fusion Apps

Upgrading to Release 12.1.x

- Release 12.1 - Reimplement vs. Upgrade Panel - Functional and Technical

- Get Ready for EBS Release 12.1! Tasks to Complete Now to Ease R12.1 Upgrade Process

- Steps and Methodology For Custom Development in R12 E-Business Suite

- Building an R12.1.1 Sandbox Environment Using VMWare

- "KIcking the Tires" - Practical Use Cases for Sub-Ledger Accounting in E-Business Suite R12

- Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Road Map and Vision: Release 12.1 and Beyond

- Understanding SOA Maturity Phases in an Oracle E-Business Suite Implementation Lifecycle

- 11g Upgrade Essentials for Oracle EBS Environments

- Implementing an Advanced Architecture for Oracle E-Business Suite

- E-Business Suite in the Amazon Cloud

- The Latest on The E-Business Technology Roadmap

- Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Strategy and General Manager Update

- You vs The Bad Guys - The Top 10 List for Securing R12

- What's New in Oracle's Business Intelligence Applications

- Integrated SOA Gateway - Expose Oracle E-Business Suite Functionality As Web Services

- E-Business Suite 12 Upgrade--An Easier Ride on 9 Miles of Bad Road

- Technology Essentials: Using the Latest Oracle Technologies with E-Business Suite

- R12 Upgrades: Why, When, and How

- Best Practices for EBS R12 Upgrades

- Release 12 Technical Information - Intermediate

- E-Business Suite OAM Patch Wizard Utility

- Tuning the Beast (E-Business Suite) in a RAC Environment

- How to Manage Customizations Using Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E- Business Suite

- Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 - Best Practices

- Leveraging Cloud Computing in an ERP Ecosystem (OK, I cheated here - this isn't really about an R12 upgrade; I'm just interested in the subject)

Oracle Support

- OAUG Customer Support Council/Oracle Support Panel

- Creating Customer Value

- My Oracle Support - Working Effectively with Oracle Support

- Gain Efficiencies and Cost Savings with My Oracle Support Best Practices

- Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics & Health Checks


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Rather than just duplicate a lot of excellent information, I just pointed everyone to your blog. Your on a "blog"roll and have everything covered. Good stuff and good luck on that R12.1.x upgrade...:-))

You'll be great on the panel...


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