Thursday, April 15, 2010

Highlights From The Bright Lights

So here we go...Collaborate 10 is about to kick off. I think it will be a pretty interesting conference for several reasons.

Oracle has already announced an extension of support for 10g AS R2. Will we hear about a similar extension for 10g AS R3?

The importance of AIA in Fusion Architecture continues to grow. What we will learn about it next week?

Lots of E-Business customers either are planning or should start planning their upgrade to R12.1.1. Those who have already worked through the upgrade will have info to share that many of us will want to hear.

With the demise of mod plsql in EBS, are customers really rewriting their customizations in OAF? Or are they building interfaces to APEX and migrating their customizations to that platform? Or are they actually retiring those customizations due to new R12.1.1 functionality? Or are they doing something else altogether?

For those of you who can't get to Vegas, I'll be posting a series of nightly updates here: "Higlights From The Bright Lights" (as in the bright lights of Las Vegas).

And I'll also keep ya'all updated on my big iPad/iPhone experiment. What is the experiment? Well, I'll be in Vegas for 8 laptop. I'm relying strictly on my iPad and iPhone: blog updates, 3 conference presentations, staying connected, the usual stuff - plus an APEX development side project that I'll be working as time permits. I've done short trips (3 nights or less) with just the iPhone, but I've never done anything this long and of this magnitude without a laptop. So I'll be putting the portable iStuff, especially the iPad, to the test. Can I really function for this long sans laptop? I'll keep you posted.

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jpiwowar said...

Sounds like it'll be an awesome show. I'm also really interested to hear about the no-laptop experiment.

Amy Wilson said...

Good luck on your experiment, Floyd! I'm particularly interested to hear how the blogging goes. Perhaps you can included sketches of the people onstage?