Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 - What Looks Good To Me

Oracle OpenWorld is staring us in the face. With the combination of iDevelop, JavaOne and OpenWorld, San Francisco will be an overflowing mass of humanity determined to attend sessions, network, and socialize. And what would OpenWorld be without another "What Looks Good To Me" blog post?

The idea behind the "What Looks Good To Me" post is to tell you the sessions that look good to me, because I really don't think I'm all that unique…some of the stuff that looks good to me may be interesting to you too.

As you consider what looks good to me in building your own schedule for OpenWorld, you should keep in mind my focus areas (yours could be different). Because I know I can't possibly take it all in, I tend to focus on specific areas of interest when I go to any software conference, including OpenWorld.

My areas of focus for this OpenWorld are Fusion Applications (finally, we're really lifting the curtain and sharing detailed information…I can't wait to hear the customer reaction), E-Business R12.1.3, latest developments in Oracle's User Experience efforts, and exploring proactive approaches to Oracle Support. While I normally like to explore the PeopleSoft and JD Edwards spaces as well, I don't think I'll have much chance to do so because of my focus on Fusion Apps and EBS 12.1.3…wish I could clone myself to cover it all.

I should also point out a pretty significant leaning toward Project Portfolio Management, Financials, and Human Capital Management in anything involving Oracle Applications (because implementing and upgrading those suites is how I make my living).

So I've broken my listing this year into four categories:

1. My Stuff: These are the sessions in which I'll be presenting. Hey, why write a blog if you can't plug your own sessions? Besides, I'm my own favorite speaker and I'm sure you agree…right? Right? Hey, what's that look about? Rolling your eyes and all? Just nod your head to make me feel good and read on, OK?

2. Fusion Applications: Yes, we're going to see detailed sessions on Fusion Applications at this year's OpenWorld. We'll even be able to use the "F" word ("Fusion") and everything. I'm really looking forward to seeing customer reactions…this will probably be the high point of the conference for me this year (especially the User Experience aspect of Fusion Applications, which is probably the biggest benefit of the new applications suite).

3. E-Business Suite: Release 12.1.3 recently rolled out, providing new functionality. transitions to Extended Support this November. Many customers have started planning their upgrades. OpenWorld marks the beginning of a hugely important 12 month period for existing E-Business customers…I'm looking forward to hearing the message in this area.

4. Support: These sessions always seem to be the poor step-children of the conference - lightly attended, usually stuck off in some remote corner of the conference building. And I just don't get it. As much money as customers spend on support, you'd think they'd want to learn how to get the maximum value for their dollars. Anyway, over the past year, I've seen the beginning of a ground-swell with Oracle customers in taking a more proactive approach to support - working to reduce maintenance costs and concurrently working just as hard to address issues before they arise. It'll be interesting to see how Oracle Support addresses this building concern…I plan to spend some time on this area by attending at least three very interesting sessions.

OK, plus a 5th - Special Attention Sessions: These are sessions worth attending above and beyond everything else.

Format and Caveats

I've formatted all of the listings here to include titles and session numbers. I figure that, if something sounds intriguing to you, you'll look it up on the OpenWorld Schedule Builder, read the abstract, and review the logistics - why repeat that here? The exception is for My Stuff, where I provide day, time and location…hey, of course I'm going to provide all the info if I'm plugging my presentations.

I should also point out that, if you attempt to check out all the sessions I recommend here, you'll discover that there are scheduling conflicts. Unfortunately, you can't have it all in this situation. The sign of a good conference is the need to make difficult choices about how you spend your time. You'll certainly have to do some of that at OpenWorld.

And I should make an important disclosure: I have taken "the King's shilling" this year. Oracle is covering the cost of my attendance at OpenWorld. Feel free to take my opinions with a grain of salt if you see the need.

My Stuff

  • Altimeter's Oracle Open World Preview at The Four Seasons from 3 - 5 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. I'll be a panelist on the Oracle Users Panel - The End User's Point of View from 3:30 - 4:00.

  • OAUG Fusion Council Panel Discussion at Moscone West L3, Room 3016 - S318429. I'll be running over for the second half of this just as soon as my prior panel session concludes. I put this under "My Stuff" because I have a strong attachment to the Fusion Council, and I'll likely share my opinions more than once during this session.

  • Oracle Fusion Architecture: Choices, Choices, Choices - S316409, Monday, 5 - 6 p.m. in the Marriott Marquis Golden Gate B (I'm betting this will be a very intimate gathering considering the time slot and location - I'm thinking a combo presentation and piano bar may be just the ticket). I'll be talking about Fusion Applications, Applications Unlimited products, and how to figure out the way forward.

  • The Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience: Transforming Work into Insight - S318427, Thursday, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m, Moscone West L2, Room 2001. I'll only be presenting for a small chunk of this time slot, but I'll be telling a few good stories…should be worth your time.

  • I may also throw in a few Unconference sessions (love the OOW Unconference), so be sure keep an eye out for that.
  • UPDATE: I'll also be speaking several times during the week at the 20 x 20 Innowave Booth in the Exhibit Hall. I'll keep you posted as times are locked in.

Fusion Applications

  • Overview of Embedded Analytics in Oracle Fusion Applications - S318251
  • General Session: Oracle Fusion Applications Overview - S318276
  • Inside Oracle Fusion Applications: Understanding the Foundation - S318744
  • Oracle Fusion PPM: Next Generation Portfolio Management Applications - S318244
  • Oracle Fusion PPM: Next Generation Project Financial Management - S318425
  • Oracle Fusion Applications: Adoption and Deployment Overview - S318137
  • Oracle Fusion Applications: An Intro to Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
  • Oracle Fusion ERP Applications: Answers to the Top 10 Questions - S318302
  • User Experience Innovations: Oracle's End-to-End User Experience Platform - S318250
  • Oracle Fusion Applications DNA: Functional Architecture Overview - S318138
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Extensions and Patterns for Oracle Fusion Applications - S315584
  • Oracle Fusion Applications and Primavera: Next-Generation PPM Your Way - S318246
  • Understand Fusion Applications for E-Business Customers - S318303
  • Understanding Fusion Applications for PeopleSoft Customers - S318304
  • 10 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for Fusion Applications - S316898
  • Introduction to Fusion Applications Architecture - S316941
  • Oracle Fusion Applications: Technical Architecture Overview - S318135
  • Oracle Fusion Principles: Lessons for Oracle's Applications Unlimited Customers - S317566

E-Business Suite

  • Oracle EBS SIG - S318582
  • OAUG Upgrade SIG - S318420
  • Quick-Start Session: Realizing Value with SOA
  • General Session: Oracle EBS Vision, Strategy and Roadmap - S318106
  • Oracle Project Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite - S318187
  • 10 Steps to Success: Your Oracle Certification Advisor - S313368
  • Replacing Oracle E-Business Suite mod_plsql Apps with Oracle APEX - S315649
  • Upgrading to Oracle EBS Release 12.1: Technical/Functional Panel - S317115
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Certification Primer and Roadmap - S318119
  • The Value of Upgrading to Release 12.1 for Projects - S318147
  • Top 10 Recipes From Oracle E-Business Release 12 Financials Cookbook - S316415
  • Migrating to Oracle Subledger Accounting in Oracle E-Business Suite 12 - S315480
  • Building Mobile Solutions for Oracle Applications: Technical Insight - S317110
  • What's Next for Applications Unlimited User Experiences - S318252
  • Faster, Better, Cheaper Deployment with Oracle Business Accelerators - S318096
  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Applications DBA 101 - S316240
  • Oracle Database 11g Upgrade Essentials for Oracle E-Business Suite Environments - S314886
  • Get Ready for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1: Tasks to Complete Now


  • Herbalife Case Study: Oracle Proactive Support Best Practices - S315890
  • Oracle Support: Unlocking Its Full Value - S317259
  • Best Practices for Patching and Maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite 12 - S317555

Special Attention Session

  • General Session: Oracle Applications Strategy and Roadmap - S318344. This session should be packed to the point of irritating the local Fire Marshal. Every Oracle apps customer should be here to learn about the strategies for the various Oracle apps product lines and how those strategies will play off each other.
  • Web 2.0 Versus Enterprise 2.0: Lost In Translation - S313346. The guys from the Oracle Apps Lab are pretty smart cookies. When they talk, I tend to listen...and even take a few notes.

So, there you have it...these are the sessions that look good to me at Oracle OpenWorld 2010. As always, comments are welcome.


John Stouffer said...


What day is your Preview Panel?

Looks like a good schedule! Thanks for posting.


Ted Simpson said...

Floyd, is the Altimeter event open to all of us? If so, I'd like to swing by.

Looking forward to seeing you out there.


Mohan Dutt said...

Many thanks for listing the Oracle Fusion sessions. I am looking forward to getting immersed in Oracle Fusion from OOW-10 onwards!

Greatly appreciate listing these 2 sessions on your recommendation list:
[1] 10 Steps to Success: Your Oracle Certification Advisor - S313368
[2] Top 10 Recipes From Oracle E-Business Release 12 Financials Cookbook - S316415

fteter said...

@John and @Ted Simpson: It's Sunday afternoon - bit of a conflict with the OAUG Fusion Panel, but I'll clone myself so that it's all good. Link for registration is

@Mohan_Dutt:You do great stuff...recognition well-deserved.

Jake said...

Thanks for mentioning our session. The topic isn't going to be anything like the title or abstract bc we couldn't change them in time.

We're doing "WebCenter: A Web Developer’s Playground." You can read about the content here: