Monday, November 29, 2010

Small Players - Big Splash

In my job, I get quite a few opportunities to see small market players make a big splash by leveraging technology. These days I'm watching that scenario play out for my friends at Tiki Machine.

Tiki Machine is a collaboration of animation artists working on small projects. Their work has led to a book: "Monster Mythos". There's some very cool artwork here - it's worth a look. While I'm normally not a big animation fan (you'd think that Jake would be the one writing about this), there's a copy of Monster Mythos on my bookshelf.

So, how does technology play in (other than the obvious animation and art tools)? Well, most of the "collaboration" part of the project work takes place via the 'tubes. They're using Google Blogger both as a marketing buzz-maker and as a sales channel for those wishing to purchase the book. And they self-published the book, get the idea here...leveraging technology to collaborate, create and sell.

Technology…small players…big splash…love it.


Jake said...

Very cool stuff, <3 this type of story. I think I heard about this somewhere, can't recall.

FYI, the theme they're using makes it nearly impossible to read the text, i.e. tiki background, white font.

fteter said...

@Jake: Share your love for these types of stories. I'll pass on the feedback on the for a change.