Friday, January 27, 2012

Chairing The PDC

So I'm sitting in SFO waiting out a flight delay and taking stock of this week's events. It's been a big week: the IOUC Oracle User Group Summit and Oracle User Experience Advocate training (with a group of extremely cool pre-sales consultants).

But the biggest event of a big week, at least for me, was stepping up to replace Debra Lilley as Chair of the IOUC's Product Development committee. Debra and the group have done some great work around Fusion Applications over the past six years - there's really no replacing her.

I'm hoping for lengthen our stride in three areas as the PDC enters this new phase:

1. Expand the amount of information available to those using or considering Fusion Applications.

2. Provide more customer feedback to Oracle regarding Fusion Applications.

3. Increase the involvement of all Oracle user groups across the globe.

That third element is really important. Hopefully, the PDC can continue to work across user group and geographic boundaries - this stuff works best when we all work together.

It's going to be a big year. Join a user group and be a part of it.

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