Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm stunned that 61 percent of Oracle E-Business customers are still on 11.5.10:

It's akin to 61% of the Titanic's passengers opting to play in the ship's band rather than get off the boat...after the stern is under water. Wow...just so much wow.


Peter Paul van de Beek said...

What worries me more is that almost half of the companies that upgraded have no idea of the cost involved. That makes it very hard to make a business case.
The by far most compelling reason for upgrading has nothing to do with functionality or productivity... it is just "end of support". Doesn't sound like a solid business case either.

Hemant K Chitale said...

I do not know how many EBusiness Suite upgrades you have done. It is not easy. It can also be very expensive.
Companies upgrade EBusiness Suite much less frequently than they upgrade the RDBMS.

fteter said...

@Peter Paul van de Beek: Agreed. But I'm stunned that so many are still wrestling with the issue at this point in the 11i life cycle.

@Hemant K Chitale: I've done more upgrades than I care to recall...makes me feel even older than I am. And you're correct on both points: they're not easy and they can be expensive. But it's effort and money that probably needs spending unless you can live with the service level offered by Sustaining Support.