Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oracle Mobile UX Design Patterns

I've been working on a mobile app lately...been kind of in hobby mode with it (working with it when the mood strikes me).  It's been more about learning and fun than trying build something that will change the world.

The big thing I've learned is that mobile apps demand a different way of thinking, especially when you consider the smart-phone form factor.  Design concepts that work great on a desktop or notebook (or even a tablet) melt into a steaming pile of bio-goo when facing use on a smart phone.

So imagine my joy when Oracle's Andrew Gilmour (a friend and a great storyteller) sent me this email this morning:
Oracle Launches Mobile User Experiences Design Patterns
Mobile design requires a different way of thinking. Use Oracle’s mobile design patterns  to design iPhone, Android, or browser-based smartphone applications.  We are sharing our mobile design patterns and their baked-in, scientifically proven usability to enable Oracle customers and partners to build mobile apps quickly.

Our design patterns are common solutions that developers can easily apply across all application suite products. Crafted by our insight into Oracle Fusion Middleware, the patterns are designed to work with the mobile technology provided by the Oracle Application Development Framework

So, you mobile developers...you ADF gurus...you technically inquisitive types...ya'all know what to do from here.  Then share your experiences in the comments.

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esxmac said...

If you keep it simple, you can use ADF for mobile just fine. However, ADF mobile is ultimately PhoneGap, a hybrid app solution.

And hybrid app solutions haven't been getting very good press since Facebook trashed their hybrid app in favor of a native solution for iOS due to very poor user reviews in iTunes related to performance.

In my opinion, pick native or web--hybrid is a poor crutch that can cost you customers.