Monday, December 03, 2012

Random Thoughts

Sorry I haven't written much lately...up to my eyeballs in some really cool work.  Just to catch ya'all up...

Cool Reporting Project

The long and short of it - working on running ADF Essentials on Tomcat & MySQL.  Once I get that nailed, the plan is to integrate the whole shooting match with both EBS R12.1.3 and Fusion Apps using exposed integration services.

Now why in the world would I be digging into a project like this?  Well, I work for a company that specializes in utilizing data to provide information.  'Nuff said on that subject for the moment.  Stay tuned.

Cloud Thoughts

I've also been doing more than a little research on cloud ERP lately.  I may be stating the obvious and the oft-observed, but still...the big opportunity for Oracle partners seems to be in integration.  Both stitching together best of breed SaaS apps and integration of data.  Yup, keep in mind that even with all the groovy SOAP and REST services integration, you're not going to be moving big chunks of transactional data.  You'll be using Oracle Data Integrator or leveraging GoldenGate or something similar...which gets to be problematic if your SaaS vendor does not open up database-level integration services.  One use case:  I run Fusion Financials on the cloud, but I keep a data warehouse for custom reporting on site.  No solution from me here, as I'm still noodling through it.  Open to suggestion and thoughts in the comments.


The more I work with Oracle's UX design patterns, including the mobile design patterns, the more I like them.  Several projects have gone more quickly than expected (and well-received by my customers) because I'm reusing some very good design work rather than continually reinventing the wheel.  Said it before, but once more...kudos to the Oracle UX team.


The more info I get about Oracle Endeca, the harder it is to wrap my brain around all the possibilities.  EBS has already upped the ante by incorporating Endeca into the suite, and I suspect that the Fusion team will soon do the same thing.  I also see a pretty good fit with the Retek retail vertical apps.  The interesting thing is that Oracle is just starting to incorporate Endeca into their apps technology...this promises to be an interesting ride over the next 24 months.

That's all I got at this moment.  Would really like to hear some feedback, especially on the Cloud Thoughts section.  You know what to do.

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