Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clearing Up EBS & Fusion Rumors

I'm writing this while I'm on vacation. Before you decide that I'm nuts or obsessed with Oracle-related stuff, let me explain.

Sometimes an idea knocks on the door of my mind. When I fail to do something about it over a period of time, that idea kicks the castle gate down. Storms in. Grabs me by the throat and won't let go until I act on it in some way.

This particular idea knocked on my little castle gate the week before I left on this little road trip. It's had a firm grip on my throat through Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, back through Missouri and now into Kansas.

So let's get to it; a few rumors to clear up in the Oracle E-Business and Fusion Applications worlds:

1. Development of the E-Business Suite for the foreseeable future. 12.2 and beyond. EBS will continue to evolve, including new features and technology, as far into the future. By my guess, at least through 2019.

2. EBS' Oracle Applications Framework ("OAF") will continue to survive into EBS 12.2.

3. Oracle Discoverer is sunsetting, for EBS customers as well as all other users. Check the Oracle Lifetime Support document for Fusion Middleware. In the case of EBS, the support end dates for Discoverer in the Fusion Middleware Lifetime Support doc will take precedence over anything you may read or hear anywhere else.

4. One more time - EBS will never, ever, ever be absorbed by Fusion Applications. No way, no how. Forget about it. Fusion Applications and EBS are different product lines with different approaches and different designs. Not gonna happen. No upgrade path, no consolidation or or assimilation, no nothing.

5. On the other hand, Co-Existence involves integrating elements of Fusion Applications with elements of other Oracle or 3rd-party product lines (Saleforce, SAP, Microsoft, etc.). This is the approach most Fusion Applications customers are taking...integration of Fusion HCM with EBS Financials seems especially popular. Integration of Fusion PPM with Primavera and/or Microsoft Projects also seems to have some traction as well. Co-Existence is real and available now.

So, that clears out more than a few of the inaccurate rumors that tweaked my brain. Idea has released my throat and now seems content to fade into the mist. Back to vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Oracle Fusion application is dead.. At least on premise version...So oracle has no choice but to continue invest on EBS, Siebel, people-soft applications...

fteter said...

Fusion Applications? Dead? Naw. Way too soon to make that call. Try again in three years and we'll see where it stands.