Monday, September 16, 2013

Info From The Internet O' Things

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 is ramping up.  Many of the Oracle folks I know have been working diligently for weeks and months, regardless of personal lives, floods, and weekends. Thanks to all of you for your efforts.

My own OOW experience heats up later this week, as I head into Oracle HQ for the pre-OOW ACE Director briefing (best content of the whole experience, IMHO).

We already know that a big theme this OOW is the "Internet of Things" - the idea of services between machines without human intervention.  Not a new idea, but an interesting one nevertheless. 

But I'm really interested in a tangent on the Internet O' Things:  how do I get usable, value-added information from all those transactions and how easy is the user experience for doing so?  And not just technical information about system performance, connectivity or transaction exceptions...although those things are important.  I want to hear about information that provides business value:  prompting me to ask the right questions or providing the answers to those questions.  Information that will let my organization do things better, faster or cheaper.  I hope to hear about easily-obtained information that will facilitate my progression towards higher-value end states.

Because, let's face it, without some compelling value there's no future for this or any other technology.  Here's hoping I hear some great stories next week.

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