Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Long Goodbye

I'm in the process of saying a long goodbye to my iPad 2...and tablets in general, at least for now.  I'm losing my tablet for a couple of reasons.

First, I've pushed the limits of my iPad's usability.  I really have...for a couple of years.  But I just don't find myself using it for any kind of serious work.  My MacBook Air has really taken over for both premise-based and cloud-based work.  Even with a keyboard of the tablet, I find myself much more productive on the Air.

Second, I'm finally upgrading my iPhone 5 next month.  The most likely upgrade candidate is the iPhone 6 Plus.  Yes, the Samsung Droid offerings look really great - even better in many respects.  But I'm invested in the Apple platform and there's not enough extra benefit in other platforms to justify a transition in my mind.  So it's likely the 6 Plus...with a very large screen.  And I see the 6 Plus taking over the few functions I now perform with my iPad.  So the iPad would become just another weight to lug through the many airports I visit every year.  I'm actually looking forward to cutting back on the amount of tech gear carried when I eliminate the iPad.

In all fairness, I think I would have come to this conclusion with any tablet.  I still consider the iPad to be the best of the bunch.  I have just come to the conclusion that the tablet format just does not provide enough value for least, not right now.

What's to become of the iPad?  It may become a third screen in my home office.  Or it may become a media viewer on a planned treadmill.  I mean, it's nice and all...but, at least for me, I've discovered the iPad concept to be much more of a nice to have than a got to have.  Cool but not necessary.

What about you?  Different view or experience?  Sound off in the comments.


DuncanDavies said...

Interesting thoughts. I think you're slightly ahead of me. At the moment my iPad (v2, the same as you) performs one function better than any other platform - consuming content.

For a quick check of emails I can use my phone. For composing longer emails and creating documents I'd rather use a laptop.

However, for browsing saved articles (via Pocket), Feed Readers or reviewing documents when I don't have a proper desk - be it on the train or when flying - the iPad is the best form factor for me.

Vrishab Kakade said...

That's exactly what I did. The iPhone 6 plus had replaced my iPad 2. I tried selling the iPad, but was offered $60. So now I use it as a third screen in the office.

David A McNish said...

Rumor has it, 6s is coming later this year, possibly September.