Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Building and Buying

A few days ago, Vinnie Mirchandani wrote on his Deal Architect blog about a new era dawning in IT. The premise of the article is that more enterprises are building more than buying new IT.  As usual, Vinnie made me think.  In this cause, he made me pause and think about what I'm seeing from my worm's eye view of the Oracle ecosystem.

The trend of building new IT is certainly on the upswing.  As part of the HCM Cloud Center of Excellence, we see plenty of customers building things.  But the builds are a bit different these days. Integration, custom applications on PaaS, UX extensions are all standard fare.  Much of it has to do with optimizing the fit between an enterprise and their cloud applications.  Even more so when the enterprise opts for a hybrid cloud approach, mixing SaaS applications with on-premise applications.

But, in my little corner of the Oracle universe, we're also seeing an upswing in buying. SaaS applications and PaaS purchasing is growing.  In the HCM Cloud, we're having issues keeping up with the volume as the buying trend continues this upswing.

So, at least from my perspective, it's an interesting time.  Both the building and buying trends in IT are on the rise. What are you seeing?  Let us know in the comments.

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