Sunday, October 01, 2017

Imagine If You Will - The Oracle HCM Cloud Solution Library

Foreword:  When I was young, I tried like heck to develop a Rod Serling imitation.  I was a big fan of The Twilight Zone series, including the various revivals.  Alas, I was unable to get anywhere close and eventually gave it up.  But I admittedly still love the phrase "Imagine if you will".  So it's cool that I get to use it here.  See?  Work can be fun.

Imagine if you will the opportunity to ease the implementation and use of Oracle HCM Cloud Applications through learning by example.  Wouldn't it be helpful to have examples of known good solutions to look over?   Configurations, approaches to common challenges, best the ability to upload those solutions to a non-production instance to see how they work?

Enter the new and improved HCM Cloud Solution Library – a collection of known good solutions provided in the form of Solution Packages.  User can review the contents online, download and review specific solutions, and upload those solutions to a non-production instance for evaluation.

Just in time for Oracle OpenWorld 2017, I'm please to share with you the new and improved HCM Cloud Solution Library, available right now on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect*.  Just click here and choose "HCM Cloud Solution Library" from the list under "Global Human Resources".

We've admittedly started small:  some solution packages for Talent Management and one for U.S. Payroll Elements.   But we'll soon be growing with Solution Packages for Payroll in the U.K., Canada, Latin American, and Asia Pacific.  New on the road map comes Absence Management, Benefits and Compensation.  What comes after will be determined by what we hear from Oracle partners and customers.

So what's in a Solution Package?  First, an annotation providing a technical description of the business objects and data provided in the solution package. Second, the actual data itself, in a file format that supports the relevant upload tool.  For example, the Talent Management solution packages are in a file format that's ready for the upload feature in Functional Setup Manager.  The U.S. Payroll Elements solution package is in a format ready for the Payroll Batch Loader.

You'll also note in the user interface that we've included a "Solution Library Overview" link.  That document provides deeper detail about what the Solution Library is and how to use it.  We've also include the HCM Cloud Application release number for each solution package.  And, yes, we'll be updating those solution packages as new releases become available.

Our hope is that, by providing examples based on known good solutions, we'll help increase the realization of the SaaS promise for "better, faster and cheaper" experiences in implementing and using Oracle HCM Cloud Applications.

So check it out.  And feel free to click the "Share Your Feedback With Us" link to let us know what you think.  Or you could just hug the comments here.

*If you're not already a member of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, may I suggest that you get it done now?  Signup is quick and free.  There's a wealth of information, tips and tricks from Oracle people, partners and customers.

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