Monday, June 04, 2018

Sneak Preview of Newsfeed UX

I've recently have a chance to get deeply involved with a new User Experience ("UX") rolling out in Oracle HCM Cloud 18B, due out later this year.  We're rolling out some pretty cool work.  I like it for a few reasons:

  1. A fully responsive user interface - one code line that responds that provides the optimal UI for laptop/desktop, tablet and phone.
  2. More emphasis on Quick Actions, giving users shortcuts directly to transactional pages rather than compelling them to navigate through an application
  3. Redesigned self-service pages with full transactions being completed on a single page - no multi-click drill downs, no moving to another page via a hyperlink, no nothing.  Combining this with Quick Actions, navigation to a transaction is a single click...period.
In fact, I like this UX so much that I want to let's take a sneak preview at what's coming by  sharing some screenshots.  When we started this effort within Oracle, the project was called "Mobile First".  So it only makes sense to show the mobile screen first:

And let's go to the desktop/laptop browser rendering next:

Now let's check out the redesigned Self-Service pages:

Note that the upper left shows some notes about the page design, the lower left depicts the rendering on a phone, and the right shows the appearance in a browser on a laptop/desktop.

So that's a quick taste of the Newsfeed UX coming out in HCM Cloud 18B.  Want to learn more?  Check out the briefing here.  Or hit me up on Twitter (@fteter) and we'll make some arrangements.  In fact if you're going to the OHUG 2018 conference, we can meet up there for a "live drive" demo.  Or you can always get to me by leaving a comment.

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