Monday, December 17, 2018

A Cloud Endorsement

As I write this, it's super early on Monday morning in my part of the world.  And this morning, I've already spoken to three different customers suffering major service disruptions in their IT applications - one can't process incoming orders, one can't ship product, and another one can't do either (among other things).  The only things still running - their cloud applications.

This raises a pretty good point for those of you out there plugging along with your on-premise applications - cloud applications provide a level of stability that just can't be matched on-prem.

If I'm a cloud services provider, reliability is a key component of my business.  I'll invest as much as necessary because it's a core part of my business.  Most end users have an entirely different business model - IT in most enterprises is a cost center rather than a profit center.  So, ideally, the idea is to keep the IT investment to a minimum.  And, in each case, you get what you pay for.

It really comes down to an idea we often hear in the enterprise applications world:  put your IT services in the hands of the best IT stack and team available.  And the best IT available to most enterprises?  From a cloud services provider.

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