Monday, November 12, 2007

OpenWorld 2007 - Sunday Communique

Maybe he could talk about the tricks of the trade
Maybe he could talk about himself
Maybe he could talk about the money that he made
Maybe he'd be saying something else
But in the communique you know he's gonna come clean
Think what he say, say what he mean
Maybe on Monday he got something to say
Communication, Communique, Communique
- From "Communique" by Dire Straits

This is the first of a series of what will be a daily "Communique" I plan to make from OpenWorld 2007. Rather than taking an approach where "he could talk about himself" in a "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" fashion, I hope this series will be a combination of things I've learned and things I did here that will have some value for you. So let's get on with the Sunday update...

The OAUG Fusion Council Panel

Things did go pretty well with the session despite a few challenges. I'm sure some folks missed the session due to a mess involving conference hotel bus lines and San Francisco's annual Veteran's Day Parade. In addition, the Oracle folks are definitely taking a very conservative approach about who can say what regarding Fusion Apps. Nevertheless, the session provided some good information.

I had the opportunity for an informal chat with Steve Miranda before the Panel began. In that chat, Steve was kind enough to answer several questions I had on whether Fusion Applications would be an upgrade or a fresh implementation. Based on what Steve told me, I am convinced that the path to Fusion Applications from the Apps Unlimited product lines will be an upgrade. Some aspects of the upgrade may be more complex than the typical upgrade process we know today, but it sounds like an upgrade to me...that's good news.

During the Panel discussion itself, I fired up TWitter via my cell phone. The incoming tweets provided a couple of good questions for Steve. Overall, the Twitter thing worked pretty well. Chalk up one for social networking.

Steve shared some news on the status of Fusion Apps development: the Business Requirements and Functional Design docs are complete, as are most of the Technical Design docs - back-end coding is in process. The heavy-duty discussions involve the scope of the first Fusion Apps release. The intent is to focus on the quality of the first release: do the apps provide the functionality Oracle says they do and do the apps work as advertised? As any experienced project manager will tell you, there is a trade-off between project quality, cost and schedule (it's often referred to as the "Project Triangle" model of project scope). It's a constant juggling act over the life of any project, including this one. So the real question, rather than whether or not we'll see a release of Fusion Apps in 2008 as promised, may be what will be delivered with the first release of Fusion Apps?

The Oracle ACE Dinner

My first Oracle ACE dinner. Although I was nervous about attending, Linda Fishman-Hoyle (who is now a Senior Director in the Fusion Upgrade Program Office) was nice enough to hang with me and make introductions. This is a very nice and friendly group of people. I also confirmed my feelings of humility at being included in this group. This is a gathering of some very smart and experienced people. I learned quite a bit just by being quiet and listening to the conversations around me.

While I just don't have time and space to write about everything that went on yesterday, Sunday was a great start to the conference. Things should really start cooking tomorrow...


Ontario Emperor said...

One of my co-workers attended the Oracle ACE dinner, also as a first-time attendee - I think he said that the two of you received the award at about the same time. Congratulations on your recognition by Oracle.

fteter said...

Ontario, I can't say enough about the ACE program. It's great to be a part of it and I hope to see many more ACE awards in the Oracle Apps community. Thanks for the congrats.