Thursday, November 08, 2007

Twittering From Oracle OpenWorld

I’m going to try my hand with Twitter during the OAUG Fusion Council Panel this Sunday afternoon at Oracle OpenWorld. Rather than bog down Eddie Award’s OOW stream, tweet me @fteter. Two caveats:

  1. My flight touches down at SFO about two hours before the session begins – that should be enough time to get there, but you never know with airline on-time performance being what it is these days. I could be a little late getting to the session.
  2. I may be working off my very legacy hardwdare cell phone (the clam shell lives on!) rather than my spiffy traveling notebook, so the slowness of my thumbs may prevent me from getting back to you as quickly as we’d both like. If this turns out to be the case, please be patient with an old guy trying a new thing. If I get too slow, I’ll bundle up the questions I receive and tweet them back out with answers later…and I’ll summarize here on the blog as well.

So, if you have questions to ask regarding the status or the future of Fusion Applications, tweet me Sunday afternoon between 1:30 and 2:30 PST (U.S.) – I’ll do my best to get your questions answered by our panel of experts.

Now, about that panel. The OAUG representatives on the panel consist of John Stouffer, Basheer Khan, and me. The Oracle folks who have graciously agreed to engage are Nadia Bendjedou, Steven Chan, Rob Conden, and Steve Miranda – a pretty impressive group for answering your Fusion-related questions. So, if you’re at OpenWorld on Sunday, come join us. If not, send me a tweet.

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