Saturday, August 30, 2008

Something's Happenin' Here

Something's happenin' here
What it is ain't exactly clear...
- From "For What It's Worth" by Stephen Stills

It's Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend as I write this post. Just finished my morning walk and now I'm sitting on my back deck, just thinking about things while another beautiful day in Southern California starts to take shape.

I've been working with Ubiquity over the past few days as time permits, and that experience is on my mind. At the same time, my brain is still swimming from yesterday's demo of Oracle Fusion Applications. It just struck me, sitting here pondering, that there is a connection between the two. So I'm grabbing my iPhone and writing about it as I sit here and figure things out. Sort of a blogger's version of thinking out loud.

Many of Ubiquity's great features are based on the design concept of putting services you care about where you care about them...check out Jake's post for more on that. In Fusion Applications, if you consider the pushing of embedded analytics to the user home page as a service (and this is more powerful than my words here can describe; the embedded analytics in Fusion Applications are really "in your face" analytics), then the same design concept is at work you care about where you care about them. No need to switch apps, tools, etc.

So I'm beginning to realize that this design concept of services you care about where you care about them is a pretty big deal. It could change the way we all work and interact with technology. Then when I recognize that most desktop widgets and gadgets are just manifestations of the same idea, I realize there is a trend here and I've been MIA until now. Something's happenin' here...

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Anonymous said...

Fred, the song is "For What It's Worth."

Why do I know these things? Because I'm very, very old -- and a Buffalo Springfield fan.

fteter said...

@bob rhubart: Well, you're half right.

The song, as any old Buffalo Springfield fan (like me) should know, is "For What It's Worth"...I actually still have the original vinyl, so I should know better (insert embarrassed red face here). That's the part you got right and I stand corrected.

The part you missed out name ain't Fred. You're gonna have to find your own red face for this one.