Sunday, September 21, 2008

Notes From TFSOTW - Sunday

So it's been an interesting Oracle OpenWorld Sunday so far. Fought through the flight delays and the temporary lost bag at the airport (yes, TSA searched my bag again...I gotta remember to stick in some paper pop-up snakes), and finally managed to get here. I was upset about missing the morning ACE Director sessions, but it's all good now.

By the way, typing out "The Far Side Of The World" repeatedly on my iPhone throughout the week will only cramp up my fingers and generally frustrate me. So I'm going with the acronym TFSOTW.

I really like coming up Sunday and beating the Monday morning registration fiasco. You can see what the Sunday registration looks like during a real rush here. I'm registered as a blogger for this OOW. It's really pretty neat: big, orange, glow-in-the-dark badge holder with a huge "Blogger" written across the top. Ah, the power of the press is sweet indeed. I go to the front of the line for darn near everything (including the block-long lines that will form for the keynotes). I'd really like to see how this rig looks with an AppsLab sticker...

OAUG also loaned me a Flip camcorder for the week. I hope to leverage the thing to upload some stuff to the OTN video stream for OOW via Qik. Track me down if you're here and want your 15 minutes of fame.

On a more serious note, I did learn some interesting news while hosting the OAUG Fusion Council Panel this afternoon: all seeded reports in the upcoming 12.1 release of the E-Business Suite will be formatted in XML Publisher. During the same panel discussion, I also learned that the first version of Fusion Applications with ship with the WebLogic web server...not OC4J (time to brush up on those BEA components, 'cause here they come).

The rumor mill also is buzzing about a database-related announcement that will be made during Larry Ellison's Wednesday keynote address, but that's just rumor at this confirmation, no details. We'll see what gives on Wednesday.

I'm sitting in the OTN lounge as I write this, and plan to do a bit of exploring before having dinner with a dear Oracle friend after the Sunday evening keynote. Then it's off to the Blogger Meetup. Not that I found much worthwhile to shoot today, but you can catch the day's pictures here.


Anonymous said...

FYI: picture from the Blogger Meetup.
Many more pictures of OOW2008 in that flickr stream.

fteter said...

@mike: thanks for the link to the pics...very cool!