Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oracle Technology-Related Points From 10 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For Fusion Applications - Part 2

Wrapping up my review of Dr. Nadia Bendjedou’s "Oracle E-Business Customers: 10 Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For Fusion Applications"...

Nadia’s final three Oracle technology-related points were:
  • Secure Your Global Enterprise
  • Consider Grid Computing
  • Centralize Your Management Lifecycle

The basic concepts here were: 1) centralize access control by implementing single sign-on and access authorization across all enterprise applications, and integrating that access control with your HR, CRM, and partner data; 2) Ensure data privacy by restricting users and administrators to seeing only the data required to perform their jobs while still allowing for configurable security policies (i.e., IP address or time of day at access request); 3) Enable compliance by implementing content management for document retention and audit.


This section consisted of a very good, if somewhat brief, overview of grid computing. If you’re unfamiliar with grid computing, this portion of the presentation would be a very good start. In short, the benefits of the grid were listed as maximizing quality of service, enabling rapid change, minimizing IT cost, and better utilization of assets.


The message of this section was to reduce cost and risk while increasing agility by utilizing Oracle’s Applications Management Pack and Enterprise Manager Grid Control. An interesting footnote on future direction was the statement: "Grid Control will be the hub of Oracle Applications Lifecycle Management. Begin preparing for Oracle Fusion Applications by leveraging Grid Control today" - a pretty clear statement of future direction.


I’m in complete agreement on all three of these points. The need to security if fairly self-evident, so I won’t waste space here regurgitating all the reasoning you’ve probably read somewhere else already. Grid control is great for spreading big workloads over a number of boxes - especially cheaper boxes. Although I’m not a DBA, I understand that one of the more complex elements in a successful grid is load balancing - which is where the Enterprise Manager Grid Control product comes in, so I’m also on board with centralizing lifecycle management.


Well, if you're an E-Business user, now you have it: the 10 things you can do now to prepare ro Fusion Applications, with my (somewhat questionable) opinion thrown in to boot! I’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and blog space writing about this presentation...which should tell you that I found it very valuable and well worth sharing. I've picked a few nits, all mentioned in my review. Nevertheless, this was probably the most valuable presentation I attended at Oracle OpenWorld this year (Jose Lazeres’ Intro to SOA session was a very close second). Great stuff and very well thought out. In fact, I’ll be using Nadia’s info as a framework for JPL’s roadmap and for the work I do with the OAUG’s Oracle Fusion Council. I hope you find value in this info as well.

LATE NOTE: If you were unable to attend Oracle OpenWorld or this particular presentation, you can now download the presentation materials here (you’ll have to utilize the search engine - I recommend searching by Speaker Name). PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel users will find a similar presentation tailored for them at the same place.

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