Tuesday, November 07, 2006

R12 Tech Stack Info

Ivo Dujmovic’s "Deep Dive: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 New Technology Stack" presentation from OOW was a pretty informative session. As R12 is really iteration on the road to Fusion Applications, Ivo’s presentation also provides quite a few clues on future direction.

Some of the information highlights include:
  • The apps server is 10.1.3
  • The Jserv servlet container is replaced by OC4J
  • The Apache version is upgraded to 1.3.34
  • Oracle Forms and Reports is version 10
  • The certified database will be Oracle 10.2
  • R12 will now have an Instance Top, for configuration and run-time generated files, in addition to Appl Top and Common Top
The presentation also made some recommendations you can starting working on today:
  • Upgrading to R12 from 11i will increase your dbf’s, so increase the storage available for your database
  • Upgrade your database to 10gR2, which is certified with 11i and is mandatory for R12
  • R12 disables mod_plsql; if your custom apps use it, start planning a migration
  • Oracle Graphics is no longer a component of the apps server; reports relying on it should be modified to run on XML Publisher
The elimination of mod_plsql from R12 is causing a few ripples of dismay in my shop; some of the developer-types are in full denial (isn’t that the first stage of grief?) over the news. If Oracle sticks to the plan, we have some significant work to do in migrating several of our "bolt-on" apps in preparation for leaving 11i.

There are quite a few pearls of information in Ivo’s presentation. The OOW session number is S281383. If you’re interested in more details from the presentation, download the PowerPoint deck from the OOW presentation download site I’ve posted elsewhere on this blog.


Peter Lorenzen said...

From other people at Oracle it sounds as if mod_plsql will still be there you just have to install it yourself from the companion cd. See http://forums.oracle.com/forums/message.jspa?messageID=1537239#1537239

fteter said...


Thanks for the info. However, even if we can install, we're still left with the issue of support...

It may be possible to use mod_plsql in a supported fashion by installing a separate 10gAS instance and integrating that apps server with your E-Business environment. I understand that Oracle will release information on integrating 10gAS with R12 shortly - watch Steven Chan's blog at blogs.oracle.com/schan for the release of that info.

Democracy Lover said...

What is crazy here is that Oracle is intentionally disabling its own technology, possibly because that technology is far superior to the technology stack in R12. Mod_plsql applications are easier to develop, easier to maintain, perform better and can more easily include Web 2.0 components than OA Framework or ADF Faces.

Maybe keeping it around is just too embarrassing. We can look for clients with big investments in this technology to resist the R12 upgrade.