Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Time For A Change

It's time for a change
I'm tired of that same ol same
The same ol words the same ol lines
The same ol tricks and the same ol rhymes
--From Guy Clark's "Boats To Build"

Well, all of us reach a point where it's time for a change...and I'm personally at such a point right now. I've been getting a bit tired of the Oracle universe of late, just because there's nothing new left to learn. I need change and variety in my life, and this seems like a good time to shake things up a bit.

Effective this morning, I've resigned from my current job. And to top things off, I'm planning to withdraw from the Oracle world immediately and move on to something for which I have more passion.

I've noticed an absolute lack of individual accountability in today's rising generation. All this talk of teamwork, collaboration and transparency is just a smoke-screen for avoiding personal accountability. We're all missing out on the joy of performing menial work in a personal vacuum, with nothing more than a pencil, some ledger paper, and a 10-key - yup, those were the good old days of real discipline and rigor. I've had my fill of all this Twittering and Facebooking. What value is there in collaborating with other people to learn different approaches to similar problems, when everything in my company and my life is so unique? And networking? Gosh, I miss the days when my best networking tools were my Rolodex and a good old rotary phone on a party line (surely it's a form of networking when the neighbors listen in, right?). It's a shame that society didn't realize the descending path we were on with the first release of FidoNet or the advent of the dial-up modem! Google Maps on an iPhone? Bah! There's no better user experience than the solid heft of a Thomas Guide in your hands!

My new passion is to introduce discipline and conformity to the masses through the elimination of the technology-based tools that make this "social networking" slacking so prevalent. So, to further this cause, I've mortgaged my house to the hilt in order to fund the establishment of a world-wide virtual project: Special Leadership for the Uptake of Regulations by the People ("iSLURP"). Although I'll miss my interaction with all things Oracle, I hope I can count on your help in defeating the undisciplined concepts of social networking wherever they may be found. Support iSLURP! You can lend your support through our new Web...no, IM me at...no, see our wiki at...hold on, eh, join our new group at LinkedIn...uh, no, text me on...wait, that's no good either...just drive to my house and we'll talk.

Okay, enough of this drivel...you didn't really buy into any of this hooey, did you? Hope you all have a great April Fool's Day too!


Mark said...

It sounded real convincing to me. Maybe because we get so many baby boomers in our business who wake up and go what the hell am I doing with my life. So the April Fools is definently on me. LOL

justadba said...

You scared the crap out of me! I thought you were serious - and some of those statements I totally agree with...:-)

Glad it was just for a day.

LOL as well