Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fusion Middleware - And The Beat Goes On

drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain
La de la de deee
La de la de daaaa

When you have reached the edge by far
History has turned the page by far
We still wanna hear a brand new thing uh huh
We still need a song to sing uh huh

And the beat goes on...
- From Sonny and Cher's "And The Beat Goes On"

Big developments today in Fusion Middleware as the product line continues to evolve.

For Eclipse fans, Oracle has released the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. The pack is a certified set of plug-ins for use in an Oracle environment where Eclipse is the preferred IDE.

Oracle has also released a new preview of Fusion Middleware 11g. This new preview includes improvements in the SOA Suite for Complex Event Processing and Business Activity Monitoring, enhancements to the WebCenter Suite, and incremental upgrades to JDeveloper and ADF.

As always, you can download and explore all these components as well as many other Oracle products, at the Oracle Technology Network.

The Fusion Middleware products continue to evolve...the beat goes on.


Dan Norris said...

I don't think the Fusion Middleware 11g tech preview is on OTN. Word on the street is that you can get it on Metalink, but a quick search there didn't turn it up yet (haven't looked too heard, though). Mind pointing us to the URL where you found it?

Anonymous said...

They ANNOUNCED the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, but by no means do I see anything to indicate they have released it, am I correct or am I missing something?

fteter said...

@dan norris: You can find the tech previews on OTN as follows:

JDeveloper 11g Preview 4:

SOA Suite 11g Preview 4:

WebCenter 11g Preview 4:

TopLink 11g Preview 4:

fteter said...

@anonymous: you're right, it looks like I jumped the gun by a few days...I expect you'll see it late this week or early next week at