Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Help With A Spiffy Acronym

This is off-topic, but might still be both useful and fun for all of us. I need some help from ya'all in starting up a new project - I'm the project manager. This new project is a system from managing access (security badges) and provisions (email accounts, keys, etc.) for all types of people (visitors, employees, contractors, etc.) at the Jet Propulsion Lab ("JPL").

In the culture at JPL, a project will get have any traction or acceptance without a spiffy acronym. For example, our discrete manufacturing system is known as iPICS: Production Inventory Control System (with the ever-popular buzz-building "i" in front).

I've got a great customer for the early part of this new project. Great guy, good communicator, strong vision...but I don't think he's too strong with the spiffy acronym thing. He's dubbed the new project as the Personnel Inventory Tracking System...yup, my new project is the PITS. I'm sure your imagination can take off and run with this one: this project is the PITS, my work is in the PITS, and so on. It's an acronym, but I don't think it passes the "spiffy" test - it sure doesn't build much enthusiasm for the project. So I'm looking for a new name and acronym for this project (and I've already thought of "System for Personnel Inventory Tracking" or "SPIT", so let's dispense with it right now, okay?). I need something that will accurately describe the project and also provide an acronym we can use for marketing the project.

Usually, I'm good with catch-phrases, spiffy acronyms and all that stuff, but I'm not having much luck here. So I'm looking for help from all of you. If you'll submit your suggestions by comments to this blog by May 16th, I'll pitch the best ones to the team here. If we wind up using someone's suggestion, that person will get some token of my appreciation (a JPL Mars Rover mission hat or a NASA Shuttle Mission t-shirt, something along those lines). So, all you creative thinkers out there, show us what you've got...I could really use the help.


APC said...

I seem to recall a Dilbert strip which stated that all the good project names had been taken. I've tried to make PLACENTA work for your situation but without success.

I presume you have also discounted the JPL Inventory and Supplies Management. Perhaps a little too lively :)

With a bit of twisting you could have Secure Inventory Management with Integrated Tracking And Reporting. Which would give you the basis of cool project logo too (i.e. a scimitar).

Cheers, APC

Steven Chan said...

Oh, this is a fun diversion. Knowing nothing about the system or its purpose, how about:

1. Secure Personnel Asset Tracking
2. Inventory Management & Profiling System
3. Secure Inventory & Logistics Tracking

Steven Chan

angrydot said...

MAP - Management of Access and Provisions

MAP it!
You can't get anywhere without MAP!
Consult the MAP!

SPAM - System for Provisions and Access Management

The new SPAM - you'll love it!
You'll love this SPAM!
Yes, SPAM is the answer!

Michael A. Rife said...

Ok, I'll "give it a go"

1) iBaP
2) iSaP
3) iSBaP
4) All the above except "e" in the place of "i". "e" for electronic.
5) All the above with "S" postfixed for "system".


Gary Myers said...

PACE - Personnel Access Control Engine ?

But does it have to be an acronym ? Can't we give things NAMES ?

Jess said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry I missed this, Dad! My work is all about acronyms. We make up stupid acronyms for EVERYTHING.

Also, props to the guy who quoted Dilbert earlier. :)

fteter said...

@jess: No worries, kid. We'll toss a drumstick on the BBQ for you anyway.