Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Still The PITS

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit...struggling through a serious case of writer's block (or maybe it's better called blogger's block).

I want to update all of you on the effort to rename the project I'm managing with a spiffy new acronym. As you may recall, the project customer came up with PITS (Personnel Inventory Tracking System). You may also recall my concern over all the negative connotations and bad jokes that will come with that acronym. Well, we presented several nifty names to the customer: MAP, SCIMITAR, iMPS, iBaP, and PACE. And the customer stick with PITS!!! Seems our customer likes the connotations and feels "The PITS" is an accurate description of his current business process. So we're stuck with PITS.

Despite my inability to save my customer from himself, I nevertheless appreciate everyone's willingness to help out...there are some seriously creative folks out there.


Jess said...

Wow. Your customer is a bit of a downer, isn't he?

fteter said...

@jess: He's actually a great customer - I really like working with him. He just thinks PITS is an accurate description of the current situation for his department...and I've got to admit that he may have a point.