Thursday, October 01, 2009

Some Pre-OOW Quick Hits

Some quick hits that are worth noting amid all the pre-OpenWorld hubub...

OAUG Board of Director Elections

The annual voting for the OAUG Board of Directors runs through October 7th. There are eight openings this year, and the ballot includes some very familiar names. So if you're an OAUG Key Contact for your organization, please vote. If your organization is an OAUG member but you're not a Key Contact, seek out your key contact and give that person some input on who you'd like to see elected. If your organization is not an OAUG member, ask yourself what's stopping you.

Collaborate 10

Collaborate, the joint conference of the OAUG, IOUG, and Quest user groups for Oracle customers, will be held next year in Las Vegas April 18 through 22nd. The call for papers is open now and runs through October 20th. Registration to attend the conference will open on October 2nd. This is the conference to attend if you're interested in learning about how other Oracle customers are using Oracle products.

PeopleSoft Updates

For those of you concerned about the viability of Applications Unlimited, especially the future of PeopleSoft and PeopleTools, take some notice of the recent PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and PeopleTools updates.

The PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 release includes some very nifty Web 2.0 features, including some of the things I've been spending a great deal of digital space writing about here.

PeopleTools was also recently updated to version 8.5. The emphasis here seems to be on better reporting and integration tools. Funny thing about PeopleTools - folks keep speculating that PeopleTools is sunsetting and Oracle just keeps stuffing that speculation. I wonder how this fits into the overall Fusion Middleware development vision? Anybody have any ideas?

Oracle Buys HyperRoll

Am I alone in my thinking that Oracle's purchase of HyperRoll is a big deal? Haven't heard much rumbling since the acquisition was announced. Do some research with your favorite search engine for a few minutes and let me know what you think.

Well, these are the tidbits running through my pea-sized brain at this particular moment. I'm hoping for some commentary, especially on the last two items. You know what to do...

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